Our Story

The team behind Equalli has been in the jewelry business for many years. We have been making and selling rainbow sapphire jewelry online since 2005. Equalli was born out of the desire to specifically serve the LGBT community, which has already been a customer base for us for years.

All of our jewelry is hand crafted and we use only the finest, ethically mined, conflict-free sapphires and gemstones. We independently source our sapphires directly from 24 mining locations around the world, and the profits from the stones purchased go directly back into community projects at the source. We strongly believe that everything has to be done in a way that benefits the communities around those resources.

We are proud to offer a lifetime guarantee on our jewelry because we believe that once it is sold, it should absolutely be forever - just like your love.


Why we wear the rainbow

The rainbow has always been the perfect symbol for equality and diversity, not just for the LGBT community, but for humanity. To us, equality is not about sameness, conforming to old traditions, or trying to fit inside the box with everyone else. It’s about having the same rights, while celebrating diversity and proudly showing your colors.