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Dear Trent, REALLY cool video and website... Although we are heterosexual, we appreciate ALL of humanity... Equalli...


In fact, so much so I took Carol on a "mystery trip" to downtown Indianapolis in a white stretch limo right after New Year's to a place called Talbott's... a drag queen nightclub!


What fun we had with all the "ladies" and their performances. THEN, during the monologue after the show, they called Carol up on the stage and talked to her. She told everyone about our story and how we met in high school 57 years ago!! Then I came up... and proposed, on one knee... and that's hard to do when you're 71 yrs old!


It was then I told the audience: "Happy New Year Rainbow Nation!" All the LGBT people went crazy... I then explained about the rainbow sapphire ring representing our lives, in all colors... with our lives parting after high school, only to cross again, just like the gold rings crossing... after 50 years!


She said "yes" and I gave her the ring!! I told her that she was the gold at the end of my rainbow, as we pass through our "golden years" together. It was great!! Keep up the good work!!