10 Unusual but Fun Ideas for an LGBT Bachelor or Bachelorette Party

bachelor / bachelorette party

So, you’ve finally decided to tie the knot? Feel that sense of impending authoritarianism, long-nights at home and the inevitable omnipresent annoyances that your partner will force you to suffer?

No matter, for you have one night to do whatever you want. When tasked with planning a bachelor party it is far too easy to lull oneself into a state of security by accosting the situation with copious consumption of alcohol and a stripper or two. But let’s be honest; we have to make our last night of freedom fabulous; not more of the same!

Perhaps a surprise trip may be in order. Whether it’s sunny Hawaii or snow-adorned Alaska, a surprise trip could really let the bride/groom relax, have fun or even go crazy, if they want, on their last night of freedom, away from any preying eyes. If the great outdoors appeals, a night camping, drinking and playing games we all regret the morning-after under the stars may be the perfect option. Skinny-dipping, adult sized hide-and-go-seek, and outdoor drinking; all go unpunished in the wild!

And why not let your wild side out? Experimenting in a range of new activities can not only surprise your bachelor, but give them new skills to take into their marriage. Nudism is a fun way of trying something a bit different (to most of us) and meeting lots of new interesting people. Can you imagine telling that story to your friend’s partner on the wedding-day? Nudism is exciting, reinvigorating and will boost anyone’s confidence. So get up, strip and fall in love with complete openness.

If you really have nothing to hide, why not get competitive on the battlefield with your friends? A Mediaeval Swordplay Class is as exhilarating as it sounds. There are introductory classes for this budding martial art all around the world. Let your mediaeval side out and be transported to the days of Castles and Knights, all the while learning how to decapitate your friends with 12th Century weaponry!

If ‘fake-killing’ your friends is just too ugly or not your thing, the next suggestion may be for you. Rather than hosting a party that strives for aesthetic perfection, why not host an ugly dress party? Simply, ask all the attendees to dress in such a manner as to emphasise their blatant bad looks. This can be one of the most enjoyable experiences and is an unusual LGBT bachelor party idea, but on a more complex level; by showing little care for appearance, your party can stand out and show the rest of the world just how vain they actually are, while amusing yourselves laughing at each other’s failed attempts, which are guaranteed!

However if you seek an orgastic adrenaline rush like no other; fall from the sky. Skydiving is not for the faint-hearted, quite literally, but will make your bachelor’s wedding night feel like doing their taxes, by comparison. Although a more expensive option, the unparalleled buzz when stepping out into thin-air at 30,000 feet and free-falling, cannot be matched. Especially when your friend’s are all terrified and will inevitably be humiliated, but it’s all worth it when you reach the ground.

If you plan to keep your feet firmly on the ground, there is another way by which you can ensure utter humiliation for all involved; karaoke. Add alcohol to this concoction and things turn from a fun LGBT bachelor party idea, to an unequivocal social hazard. Prepare for blown ear-drums, angry audiences and a video sent to the bachelor’s partner, for all to see the next day.

Luckily, all involved are usually more furtive regarding licentious indulgences. Although some are revolted by the very idea of entering a strip-club, it can be an easy and harmless way to blow-off some steam before life-long commitment.

Although this will involve your bachelor’s partner, this may be the single best idea for an LGBT bachelor party, ever! Quiz the bachelor’s partner regarding were their partner is somewhat lacking in the bedroom department. As good friends, arrange a workshop on ‘How to master [SEXUAL ACT WERE YOU’RE FRIEND IS INCOMPETENT]’. These workshops are hilarious and can be mildly mocking too, the perfect recipe for good friends.

Whether it’s in the bedroom department or eating, most of us have basic human desires. However, it is illegal to shoot another person, so our instinct to fight may be somewhat problematic, but there is another way! Playing laser-tag is a legal, cheap and fun way to shoot your friends and get so drunk that one member of the group honestly believes they are in a warzone; priceless.

Besides all of the fun and trivial idiocy that is entailed in an LGBT bachelor party, some may consider showing their pride an instrumental element to the night before they marry the person they love most in the entire world. Attending a pride parade or even wearing a small token showing how fabulous being out and proud really is, can fulfil beyond words. One of the most amazing tokens of hope for a young member of the LGBT community is made by an extraordinary company called Equalli. This company designs upmarket LGBT jewellery that show the whole world the beauty of love. Although a ring or cufflinks with the pride colours adorning it may seem insignificant, let me assure you that by showing our love to the world, being out and louder and prouder, we get one step closer to complete equality, to create a world where a child is not straight until proven gay.