25 LGBT Relationship Memes That Will Warm Your Queer Little Heart


our years after the Supreme Court’s landmark decision, the concept of Love Wins has become a powerful rallying call.  Members of the LGBT community, allies and basically anyone who supports love and equality.  More and more gay, lesbian, trans, queer and non-binary people are coming out, standing up and being counted.

Summer is just starting which means it’s Gay Pride season!  Of course, summer is also wedding season.  What better way to celebrate than with 25 of the most heart warming Love Wins memes you’ll ever see.

1.  It’s Not a Phase

I think everyone has heard ‘It’s just a phase’ at one point or another.  To be fair, sometimes it IS just a phase:  an emo phase, club scene phase, watching the TV with the sound off but a radio turned up phase.  (Just me?)  Jokes aside, sure we all go through phases but when someone tells you that when it comes to your sexuality, it can be brutal.  It’s a thoughtless comment and one that seeks to undermine a person’s emotions.

That makes this widely shared meme from 2017 all the sweeter.


2.  Plus a Little Shade

‘Cause it’s always the super judgy types that should definitely NOT be judging others.


3.  Plot Twist

Sometimes things don’t play out the way you think they will.  Usually that’s disappointing but then there are times like this.  <3


4.  Solidarity

The fight for LGBT Marriage Equality has been, at times, quite isolating.  As the campaign amped up, allies stepped up.  Interracial couples were quick to step in and remind us all that their marriages were illegal not so long ago.  The battle for people of different races to marry legally wasn’t settled until the Supreme Court 1967 decision of Loving v. Virginia.


5.  Canada

Just … Canada.


6.  The Treasure!

Forget pots of gold, LOVE is the real treasure.

Though, to be fair, I wouldn’t turn down the gold 😉


7.  Gandalf Gets It

Sir Ian Murray McKellen is one of the treasures of the LGBT world.  An outspoken actor and activist, he is often spotted at Pride Parades and otherwise campaigning for equality.


8.  The Change

Once you come out and live authentically the weirdest thing happens …. HAPPINESS.


9.  Sometimes It’s About Finding Your Person

Sometimes all it takes is that One Special Human to turn everything around for you.


10.  Unintentional Gaiety

It’s funny, but once you embrace your queerness, it seems to be everywhere


11.  Totally Intentional Gaiety

Even better, you’ll find more examples of people just living out loud.


12.  The Truth About Gay Dating

Spoiler alert – dating is difficult no matter what.


13.  Who Even Knows HOWS to Flirt?

Seriously, is there a class or something?


14.  Or If You’re Being Flirted WITH?

Actual footage of me while my now-wife / then-friend was SO CLEARLY FLIRTING WITH ME.


15.  And Then There Are all the Mixed Messages

News Flash:  I’m not flirting when I just say hi.


16.  Like ALL THE TIME

Maybe it’s an ego thing, I don’t know.


17.  But When You Get it Right…

There are so many pros to finally dating and fostering the kind of relationships you actually WANT.


18.  You Get to Have So Many Punny Jokes

Is there any better way to woo someone than with a pun?


19.  Every Gay Couple … Ever

There are certain truisms to being a couple, such as you’ll always be standing in from of the cupboard or drawer the other person needs.  It’s just how it works.  For gay couples – and, I’d imagine, most non-straight couples – this is absolutely, 100% true.  My wife will actually correct people who use ‘straight’ as a direction.


20.  And the Jokes Only Get Better

As your relationships evolves, so will your joint sense of humor


21.  Great Minds Think Alike

If you’re both into romance, you could end up with the best double surprises.


22.  While There are Still Some Challenges

Legal marriage equality is still evolving.  While it’s important to celebrate how far we’ve come, it’s equally important to see the road ahead.


23.  It’s so Worth It

You can easily become #Goals for people you don’t even know.


24.  And There Are SO MANY Allies

So take comfort in your personal joy and the support that comes from so many places.


25.  Because It’s the Little Things That Add Up

Seeing your relationships, your experience and simply glimpses of yourself in the world makes a huge difference.