Get Your Pride On All Year Long – How to Support the LGBT Community Beyond Pride Month

#MyRainbow Equalli

June has come and gone and, for many of us, that means it’s a wrap when it comes to this year’s Pride celebrations.  But just because you’re done with rainbow themed parties and afternoons spent at fabulous parades, it doesn’t mean you’re out of options when it comes to showing your pride and support.  There are plenty of ways you can get active and support the LGBT community – locally, nationally or even globally – long after the rainbow streamers have come down.

Give Back Financially

There are a number of different organizations that help people in the LGBT community in a variety of ways.  Organizations like The Trevor Project, PFLAG, GLAAD and the It Gets Better Project all use their increased exposure and reach to help LGBT people, their families and allies.  You can also look for niche charities including options for legal rights, LGBT teen homelessness and support for transgender people.

Options for financial support don’t end with charities, though.  Check out LGBT friendly projects on Kickstarter, Go Fund Me or other crowdfunding websites.  When donating to these projects you may be able to get in on special products or services related to their project which means you both come out a winner!

Give Resources

You can donate clothes, blankets and other tangible items to shelters, thrift shops and other organizations that work to support or improve the lives of LGBT youth, adults and families.  These options can vary widely from one city to another.  The gay friendly thrift shop Out of the Closet has several locations and you can also research LGBT centers in your own area.

Give Time

Of course, your most valuable asset is your time.  If you can give time to support the LGBT community, it’s a donation that will help your community and make you feel good so another win-win.

Donating time can take many different forms.  Some people like to volunteer at LGBT centers in a hands-on approach.  Search for opportunities though local LGBT organizations.  If you need help finding one in or near your area, check in with Center Link.

You can also donate your time in terms of doing various administrative or web passed jobs to support and advance the LGBT community and its allies.  Check out LGBT related projects on freelance sites or reach out to LGBT organizations and offer to improve their web presence by revamping their website or helping with social media outreach.

Pride may come once a year, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get your pride on all through the year.  Donating money, goods or time is a great way to support your local LGBT community and be a living example of living your truth openly and fearlessly.  These simple gestures go a long way in comforting and encouraging LGBT youth who may still be struggling with their identity.

Combining volunteerism, support and living your truth openly is the best way to support and celebrate Pride and the Stonewall Legacy all year long.  Working today helps to ensure a safer, happier and more inclusive future for the LGBT community, its allies and the world around us.