Hiring: Passionate LGBT writers & editor for a wedding blog

Equalli is hiring a passionate LGBT writer

Equalli is looking for several writers and an editor to contribute to our LGBT Wedding & Engagement blog on an ongoing basis.

Our goal with the Equalli blog is to publish articles, videos, and other content that inspires, uplifts, entertains and educates. The topics can range from positive news or developments in LGBT rights around the world, to a list of funny things that can happen at a gay bachelor party, to educational articles about choosing a same sex wedding ring that suits your lifestyle, to lesbian wedding inspiration and resources. We want to present ideas from different perspectives and feature different voices from the LGBT community.

We’re looking for people who:

  • Can contribute at least one article per week, ongoing
  • Are passionate, enthusiastic, and have a positive outlook on life
  • Have writing experience and excellent command of English
  • Are LGBT, or are deeply involved in the LGBT community
  • Have had experience in jewelry/gemstones or wedding industry – this is a bonus, but not required

The compensation for the writers will be per article. The editor will be paid on a per-project basis.

To apply to be a contributing writer or editor for the Equalli blog:

Email Euvie (at) Equalli (dot) com with:

  • Samples of articles you have written on LGBT related topics (for the editor position, send samples of articles before and after you have edited them)
  • Your relevant experience – do you already write/edit for other LGBT blogs? Have your stories gotten media coverage or gone viral? Etc.
  • Answer the following questions:
    • Who are your favourite LGBT writers?
    • What are some specific topics you are interested in writing about for the Equalli blog?
    • What is the purpose of YOUR life? This is a philosophical question.

Please state in the headline of your email if you are applying for the writer or editor role. There is no need to send your resume or cover letter except for the things listed above.

Canned applications will be ignored. To show that you have read this whole post, please include the words “Goats are my friends” at the beginning of your application.

Looking forward to your reponses!