The Guide to Finding Your Perfect LGBT Wedding Rings

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When the final toasts have been made, the cake has been eaten, the DJ sent home, and the honeymoon is reluctantly over, your wedding ring will still stay with you. But sometimes, wedding preparations can turn even the calmest person into an anxious mess! It can be especially frustrating to sift through endless trays of rings that cater more exclusively to traditional marriages. Choosing LGBT wedding rings that you and your partner will wear for the rest of your lives should not give either one of you a cardiac arrest. Here is a painless, stress-free guide that covers everything you might possibly need to know before selecting your own wedding ring.

Don’t settle for just any old ring.

Let’s face it; most wedding ring options out there can bore one to tears. Don’t just settle for something passable or adequate for you or your same-sex partner. There’s more to life than plain gold bands! The ring you choose will become an extension of you and your pride. Whether you want something edgy, bold, understated, traditional, with stones or without, or a mix of these and other elements, your ring is out there. Before starting your search process, write down a short list of elements in a ring that are important to you. You can then return to this list and update it as necessary to help you keep track of features you may be liable to forget. Also, although many couples traditionally choose matching rings, this does not mean that you have to! Choose a wedding ring that you can envision yourself wearing every day. Consider the thickness, whether or not it has a comfortable fit, and how well you can perform your usual daily activities while wearing it.

Diamonds are not your only option.

Contrary to popular belief, diamonds are not the only gemstones appropriate for wedding rings. Sapphires are an increasingly popular option. They are the third hardest mineral in existence and are found not just in traditional blue varieties, but naturally in every color of the rainbow! This makes sapphires ideal for gay and lesbian couples that may wish to craft their own wedding rings with a luminous gemstone pride rainbow.

Pick your alloy.

Choosing the appropriate metal for your ring is another important element. Typically, wedding rings are crafted in gold, platinum, or silver. Other than personal choice, people select one alloy over the other for multiple reasons. Because gold is inherently soft, wedding rings typically come in either 14k or 18k gold, which means that the gold has been mixed with other metals to give it better durability. Avoid wedding rings that have been alloyed with nickel, which is the root cause of most allergic reactions to gold jewelry. Platinum has no known allergic effects, but it is gram by gram the most expensive of all the popular metals. Silver is a more prudent choice for cost-conscious couples, but bear in mind it will most likely have to be cleaned and rebuffed over time to retain its shine.

Is it ethical?

Ask where your stones have been mined. Reputable jewelry companies can supply all information regarding where your gemstones were sourced, if they come from conflict-free zones, and whether or not the indigenous workers are being ethically treated. Each time you choose to avoid unethically mined diamonds and gemstones for you and your partner, you are making this world a more loving and positive place.

Does the ring have a warranty? Insurance? 

Any reputable jewelry company will offer a warranty on all rings they sell. Don’t purchase wedding ring without this guarantee. If a stone falls out, or if the ring becomes damaged in any way, your jeweler should be able to make it just as good as new. It is also important to have your new ring insured. This will ensure you receive reimbursement for your ring in the event something terrible happens.

And one more thing…

When selecting LGBT friendly wedding rings, remember to take your time. You do not want to rush this process. It should be a fun, inspiring, and a memorable experience, not a regrettable one! Do not shy way from asking any and all questions you have regarding the wedding rings you are planning to buy. We here at Equalli are here to help you select the perfect LGBT wedding rings for your special day.