Getting to Know the Equalli Collections

The Equalli collections of gay / lesbian wedding and engagement rings, LGBT pride jewelry and rainbow sapphire jewelry runs the gamut in terms of versatility. Our collections can be used to commemorate any moment and each selection complements the rest in its own unique way.

Rainbow Pride Collection

Our rainbow sapphire jewelry is perhaps the best known of our collections. These pieces use sapphires sources from 24 different mines in order to create LGBT pride jewelry which embodies the strength and beauty of the LGBT community and its allies. Our rainbow jewelry is often used as gay / lesbian engagement pieces and wedding bands. It’s a collection we are especially proud of not only because it allows us to showcase the artistry and dedication to excellence we hold so dear, but also to celebrate the entire LGBT community.

Equalli at Night Collection

The Equalli at Night collection features rings, pendants and earrings made with black spinel gemstones set in sterling silver. This collection is ideal for those who want simpler pieces to contrast against their wardrobe or simply to enhance their basic black jewelry wardrobe.

Equalli Stack Collection

Equalli Stack Collection

The Equalli Stack Collection uses rainbow sapphires to create streamlines rings which can be worn stacked on top of one another or singly. Their versatility makes this collection one of our most flexible as it can be worn daily but is also easy enough to “dress-up” for use in special occasions. We offer the rings in bezel set and a prong set in order to appeal to every style. The theme is also carried over into earring sets which can also be worn singly, as matched pairs or as a way to wear your rainbow pride with flair.

Equalli Pink Collection

Our Pink Collection is designed to complement femmes, queens and anyone with a penchant for pink. The pink tourmaline we’ve chosen for this collection is the star of each and every piece so we’ve paired it with metals and settings that truly let it shine. While the gemstone is the same, the color in each piece ranges from the palest pink all the way to a deep wine. Tourmaline stones offer an added bonus in their unique fingerprints – lines and shapes which make each stone as unique as the person who chooses to include it in their own collection.

Personalised Jewelry Collection


Equalli Special Collections & Custom Services

Equalli is always looking to add to our collections and what we offer. You can find special pieces in our Special Collections section. These range in color and style but they retain the same hallmarks of high-quality and fashion. We also offer the ability to customize any ring so that you can take a piece as a foundation and then tweak it to make it truly one of a kind. Every collection – including customized orders – receives the same attention to detail and hand-crafted care from our team of artists. At Equalli we believe that beauty, quality and diversity can come together to make something truly amazing – a fact we know to be as true with jewelry as it is with people.