10 Amazing Gifts for the Awesome Friends in Your Wedding Party


Planning a wedding isn’t easy. In fact, it usually isn’t done alone. Couples reach out to friends and family to take an active role in the celebration and to help pull the whole thing off. These people make up your entire wedding party – from traditional roles of Maid of Honor or Best Man to the roles with no clear title. The friend who coordinated arrival times for flowers, caterers and musicians or the cousin who was there setting up chairs and decorating your reception hall in the perfect shades of purple that it took you three weeks to decide upon.

Since throwing a wedding is such a huge undertaking, many couples want a way to thank their friends for their support as well as he hard work they have put in to make the day special.

Engraved Flask Set

This engraved set is pitched as a ‘groomsmen gift’ but it’s a great option for anyone with a penchant for fine drinks in the most stylish setting. It comes with a 6 ounce flask plus 4 shot glasses all of which are made from stainless steel and then anodized in a matte black. The set is rounded out with a stainless steel funnel for easy filling and a rosewood storage case to keep everything organized and looking great, even when not in use.

The S’Well Water Bottle

At first you might think offering up a water bottle as a wedding party gift is a bit of a cop out, but hear me out. The S’Well Water Bottle isn’t your typical water bottle – and not just because of its clever, apostrophe enhanced titular play on words. Their Pink Diamond bottle keeps cold drinks cold for a full 24 hours (hot drinks stay warm for 12), is condensation proof and boasts a wide mouth opening perfect for putting in ice and drip-free sipping. It’s a great – and customizable – gift that’s a combination of beauty and function recommended by none other than Martha Stewart.

Pigment & Gold Zodiac Print

Not everyone subscribes to a belief in astrology, but most of us still check out our horoscope when the opportunity arises. Whether you’re a devout believer or you simply enjoy seeing how the stars might influence your life, these beautiful prints offer the perfect union of spirituality, science and art. Available for every sign, each one uses pigment dye and gold leaf to represent constellations for the astrological signs. The prints are available in two sizes and you can also choose to have it arrive framed and ready to hang.

Victoria Pink Gin

Give the members of your wedding party the chance to kick back with a well deserved drink by giving them a bottle of colorful – and tasty – Victoria Pink gin. Made with aromatic bitters, this offering from Gin Lane 1751 is a popular option for bridal parties thanks to its blushing pink color.

Custom Wooden Watch

Wood offers a warmth metal simply can’t replicate. Wooden jewelry never really caught on though – until now. Over the past few years a handful of artisans have created some truly breathtaking pieces that incorporate wood. Most recently, some have begun creating wooden watches which are truly works of art. Some companies, like Jord, even offer options to customize these pieces, making them a wonderful, high-end wedding party gift.

Not Your Mother’s Coloring Books

Adult coloring books have been making headlines over the past year for the stress relief they offer and the boost they can give to a person’s creativity. Adult coloring books vary and now there are some great options for people who want to give them to friends. There are coloring books that feature everything from Hunky Guys, Old School Pin Ups, artistic curse words and even sexual kinks. You can make a stress relief care package to help the members of your wedding party unwind once the big event is over by bundling a coloring book with packages of colored pencils, markers and snacks to give them everything they need for a relaxing day off.

Hand Crafted Pieces for Word Lovers

The vows you exchange at your wedding will show how powerful words can be. Share that same powerful sentiment with your wedding party with custom pieces that use dictionary pages for words like love, friendship and loyalty to show each person exactly how you feel. Since these pieces are made to order, you can choose any word you want – including inside jokes for special friends.


Real Life Help

Your friends and family often put their own lives on hold in order to help with a wedding, so why not make their life a little easier? Check out local deals on sites like Living Social or Groupon and buy gift vouchers for house cleaning, yard work, handyman services or anything else you know friends need. Not only will you be giving your friends some much needed help, these websites focus on local small businesses.


Infinity Jewelry

The rings you’ll exchange as a couple symbolize the union you share – a promise that is without beginning or end. This powerful promise is one you also make to the people closest to you – the ones who make your wedding day truly one to remember. Infinity rings or other jewelry offer a simple and artistic way to show your closest wedding party members exactly how much they mean to you.


Rainbow Pride Jewelry

When the Rainbow Flag was first adopted in 1978 as a symbol of the diversity in the LGBTQ community, it also became a touchstone for allies of the community. Today, many LGBTQ coupes choose to give their wedding party pieces of Rainbow Pride jewelry as a way to show their thanks not only for the help these people gave with the wedding, but the support they give every day and in every way. Options for Rainbow Pride jewelry run the gamut from chic onyx-accented cuff links and bracelets to bohemian stacked rings and earrings. No matter what type of style the people in your wedding party have, there are plenty of Rainbow Pride options for them.





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