10 Beautiful Flowers for a Gay Wedding Bouquet

Think you’ve covered all the bases when it comes to planning a gay wedding?  Sure your rings have the pride colors, your venue is LGBT friendly and your vows are gender neutral, but have you considered which flowers are best for your gay wedding bouquet?  Before you think that’s just a step too far in terms of inclusivity, take some time to not only stop and smell the roses, but also consider the flowers in general.

While it’s true, there are no official LGBT flowers or even specific gay wedding bouquet arrangements, the truth is that the flowers you choose do tell people something about your own love story.  Taking the time to understand what these flowers have come to mean will ensure that every part of your service is dedicated to sharing – and celebrating – your own love story.


Sometimes seen as the “poor man’s rose” carnations are a simple and inexpensive flower incorporated into many wedding bouquets and flower arrangements.  Sure they’re inexpensive, but that doesn’t mean they’re without their charm.  The different meanings for carnations are surprisingly well known, partly because of how commonplace they are.  In many cases, they are the first flower couples exchange, and many people know they have different meanings based on color.  Pink for boldness, red for lasting love and white for talent and admiration make them he ideal foundation for couples with a long and rich history who want to express that in their bouquet.


Daisies are another simple and inexpensive option popping up in more and more wedding bouquets.  Part of the reason behind their surge in popularity is their true meaning which is to share your feelings but another is that they’ve come to symbolize long lasting love between LGBT couples – a love that has always been there, even when it’s had to hide in plain sight.  The ubiquity of daisies along with their meaning of finally sharing feelings has made them a Go To option for couples finally able to come out and celebrate their love and commitment to one another openly and honestly.



At the other end of the pricing spectrum is the elegant and fragrant Gardenia.  These flowers are a popular choice for bouquet accents and boutonnieres or corsages.  While somewhat pricey, gardenias are associated with both purity and joy, which makes them a popular choice for brides and grooms.


The distinctive purple color and signature scent of lilacs has made them popular for years.  There are a few different varieties which make them more versatile.  French lilacs are popular for focal points in bouquets and arrangements as the blooms are larger and more flower-like.  Domestic lilacs work better as filler for arrangements.  These aromatic flowers represent the first emotions love brings up, reminding couples where they came from and how far they’ve come.


Orchids are perhaps one of the most expensive flowers couples choose to include in their flower arrangements.  Orchids are delicate and usually imported which adds to their expense.  The good news is that these flowers are so striking, couples usually only need a few in order to create a big impact.  These exotic flowers represent love and beauty which make them an attractive choice for couples who want to splash out a bit on their arrangement.  Since orchids are fairly versatile in color, they can be paired with more economical flowers like carnations or baby’s breath to create a stunning arrangement.


Peonies are emerging as one of the newer trends in bridal and groom flower arrangements.  Traditionally, these iconic flowers are associated with determination, ambition and, strangely, bashfulness.  While this might not immediately sound like meanings associated with the happiest day of a person’s life, the truth is that these emotions are often the foundation of many love stories, particularly in the LGBT community.  The determination and hope embodied by peonies often reflect the determination grit and endurance many LGBT couples have had to dedicate to building a life together.  Today, peonies are cropping up more and more in gay wedding bouquets because of the resilience and tenacity they represent.


Even if the name of these trumpet blossoms don’t ring a bell, chances are you recognize their distinctive style.  These flowers have been a favorite in bridal bouquets for years thanks to their meaning of marital bliss.  Today, the stephanotis is being used more and more by grooms as they create a classy, iconic and simple look for boutonnieres.

Sweet Pea

Sweet pea flowers have always been associated with the simple pleasures in life that bring people lasting happiness.  These simple and common flowers are a favorite for table arrangements as well as filler in bouquets and larger arrangements.  Not only are they the perfect complement to many other flowers, they are beautiful in their own right.


Tulips are another flower which have become increasingly popular over the past few years as they come in a wide variety of colors and they represent both love and passion – two crucial ingredients to any happy marriage.  These flowers may be colorful and plentiful but they also have a reputation for being somewhat fragile which can make them a challenge for outdoor weddings in the heat of summer.


What wedding bouquet list would be complete without these all-time favorites?  Though expensive, roses are perhaps the most identifiable flower when it comes to wedding bouquets and many couples choose to include them in some way in their ceremony.  Some couples use them in bouquets or boutonnieres while others reserve them for arrangements.  No matter how couples include them, roses inspire feelings of love and romance for everyone as they are the quintessential flower of romance.

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