10 Wedding Trends We Love … And 3 We’re Totally Over


Wedding trends come and go and while some are little more than a flash in the pan, others become the New Normal.  Sometimes that’s a great thing and we get amazing new traditions that help keep weddings fresh and fun.  Other trends, however, seem to drag on and on long after it’s time to retire them.  With so many trends being shared on social media we thought it was a good idea to do a little round up of 10 of the trends we’d love to see more often as well as a few that have definitely been overplayed.

1.  Wedding Parties That Don’t Care About Traditional Gender Roles

Sometimes your Best Man is your sister.  Sometimes your Maid of Honor is your ex-boyfriend.  That’s just how lifelong relationships are – sometimes they don’t adhere to traditional norms or cultural expectations.  Your wedding party should be a reflection of your support group.  If that means asking your brother to be your Maid of Honor or having the aunt who essentially raised you walk you down the aisle, then go for it.

2.  Living Plant and Flower Arrangements

A wedding isn’t a wedding without flowers and one of the best new trends is ‘living’ bouquets and displays.  Incorporating potted plants into the wedding decor adds a literal breath of fresh air to your wedding.  Succulents are an especially great choice as they’re hardy and gorgeous.

3.  Texture & Color

Wedding palettes are often confined to a single family of color but that’s been changing.  Couples are diversifying and broadening the horizons when it comes to color as well as incorporating more texture.  From textured linens on tables to decorations that incorporate bold and even brooding colors, the rules for color have definitely evolved.

4.  Fancy Dance Floors

The love of texture had led to a surge in fancy dance floors.  Marbled dance floors have been especially popular since it goes with everything and always looks amazing.  The floors don’t add on much to a budget if you already have to have a floor assembled so it’s an easy extra touch for most couples.

5.  Local Flavor

Planning the wedding menu no longer means choosing between different forms of chicken and boring vegetarian options.  Instead, get in touch with local caterers, farms to table restaurants and even food trucks to inject some local flavor and color to your reception.

6.  Focusing on the Reception

Speaking of the reception, we are absolutely loving the focus on the party that’s become popular.  While the ceremony is, of course, important the party is the real pay off.  When it comes to budget, divert whatever you can to making the party one to remember.

7.  Useful Party Favors

Couples have tried a million different things as party favors for guests but we’ve come a long way from the monogrammed matchbooks of the 70s and 80s.  These days couples want to use their parting gifts as a way to show their guests some real appreciation.  Favors that are designed to be used – instead of keepsakes – have become one of the hottest and most enjoyable trends of the year.  Choose from mini hangover helper boxes (think water, ginger candies and ice masks), late night snack boxes and baskets with all the fixings for a quick breakfast the morning after.

8.  Comfy Shoes (For the Reception at Least)

Couple comfort is finally a trend!  Ditch the fancy shoes and high heels for a comfy pair of Chucks once you get to the party.  not only does it make it easier for the couple to make the rounds and have some fun, it adds a bit of personality to your outfit.

9.  Unique Guestbooks

Even the wedding guestbook is getting a makeover with modern trends.  Couples can choose from a bevvy of different options or simply get inspired to make something unique to them.  Some of our favorite options include:

  • Advice Coasters – Protect your coffee table and get some good advice at the same time.  Stock your guest tables with blank coasters and permanent markers.  Have guests write bits of advice and, after the party, seal them with clear paint.
  • Decorated Books –  Grab a favorite book or an antique dictionary and invite guests to sign their well wishes on the pages.
  • Thumbprint Trees – Invite guests to add their tumbprint to a tree and sign their name.  The print is then framed and can be hung in your new home.  (Note:  Since you’re asking guests to ink their hands be sure to include plenty of wipes for easy clean up)
  • Board Game Keepsake – Couples can easily incorporate their love of game nights by grabbing a board game and turning it into their guest keepsake.  Have guests sign your board and then frame – everyone’s a winner!

10.  Controlling Multimedia Options

Incorporating social media and streaming options are great for couples with farflung family and friends.  The trick is to not let the online and tech presence overshadow the day itself.  Avoid having your guests glued to their phones tweeting, tagging and streaming by providing professional video services for streaming and, of course, a professional photographer.

With all the trends we love to see, there are always those that we’d be happy to never see again.  These trends have had their 15 Minutes of Fame and it’s time to retire them.

Boho / Country Chic

I know, who doesn’t love re-purposed barns, rustic settings and chalkboard accents?  While rustic and country weddings were like a breath of fresh air when they first rose to popularity, they’re now about as common as dandelions.  The fact is, while hosting your wedding in a barn or field might make for some beautiful pictures, it’s an absolute nightmare in other ways.  From guests who struggle walking through marsky grass in heels to dresses and suits that are ruined by barn floors, country chic is officially a thing of the past.


Forced Silliness

Dancing entrances, photo booths with props and other displays of “planned fun” end up feeling forced and stiff.  Ditch the attempts to make your wedding go viral with choreographed entrances to the reception and instead just be yourself.

Naked Cakes

For those of you lucky enough to not know, naked cakes have been one of the biggest trends in the past few years.  To be fair, these cakes are absolutely stunning to look at but they’re a feast for the eyes only.  A naked cake is exactly what it sounds like – a cake with no frosting.


Exactly.  Putting aside the fact that a cake with no frosting is no kind of cake, these naked cakes are also more likely to dry out and become crumbly and nearly inedible.  If you want a food display that looks beautiful but tastes like cardboard, invest in some fake fruit for the table.


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