15 Gay Wedding Ideas to Make Your Ceremony Stand Out

Every couple wants their wedding to be memorable for themselves and for their guests. At the same time, it can be hard to think of ways to make a wedding stand out when you’re in the thick of things. Planning a wedding is, after all, an exercise in dealing with the details, managing the big picture and trying not to lose your mind in the process. So when you don’t have time to trawl through Pinterest, dig deeper on the internet or scroll through inspirational Etsy listings, who can you turn to for help in finding the gay wedding ideas for your wedding? Equalliblog, of course.

Rainbow Centerpieces


Let’s start with a fairly obvious choice, a rainbow themed centerpiece. Using boldly colored fresh flowers arranged in small dishes will give your wedding a pop of color without making it impossible for people to talk or pass things across the table.

Make Seating Easy


Traditionally, seating for the ceremony was based on whether you knew the bride or the groom. These days, a lot of couples don’t want to separate their friends and family based on who knows who and, in an LGBT wedding, it just doesn’t make sense. So place a sign at the entrance letting guests know there aren’t any sides to choose here, it’s all about coming together.

Glitter Vase!


Is it kind of a cliché? Yeah, but c’mon, it’s GLITTER. Also it’s a super easy DIY project that comes out looking expensive – perfect for couples watching the budget!

Make an Amazing Guest Book


Have each of your guests contribute to this amazing thumbprint tree guest book. Give them a different colors to choose from to leave their mark and before you know it, you’ll have a beautiful keepsake from your special day.

One, Two, Three, Four I Declare a Cupcake War!


Inject some humor and a bit of competition into the festivities by setting up a place where guests can pimp their cupcake. Supply them with all the goodies they need then offer up instant or digital cameras for them to document their creations if you want to turn it into a competition.

Cake Toppers

Same-sex couple wedding decorations at fair in Paris

In the rush to get everything done, it can be easy to overlook the small details but they are often where you can put in the most personal touches. An LGBT friendly wedding cake topper is a great example of this. Innovative designers have been making toppers that go beyond the traditional bride and groom for years so it’s pretty easy for LGBT couples to find something that suits them.   There are options for brides and grooms of course, but also for couples who don’t even want to bring gender into play. There are options where the happy couple is represented with animals, garden pairings, robots or typographically.

Create an Amazing Bouquet


Mix things up and opt for a bouquet or boutonniere that goes beyond flowers. This super cute butterfly bouquet can be made quickly and easily even if you’re not super crafty.

Celebrate the Journey


When my wife and I first met, I liked in the UK and she lived in Ohio. This wasn’t a big deal until our relationship became more serious and then the distance seemed like the worst thing in the world. Living 7 hours ahead and an ocean away wasn’t easy but now we look back at those long-distance days with a bit of nostalgia so maps have become a running theme in many of our gifts to each other. This map bouquet is a great way for couples with a long-distance story to incorporate that into their special day.

LGBT Friendly Jewelry


Choosing a gay friendly wedding ring set or jewelry you plan to wear for the ceremony and party is a great way to show some pride. For couples who don’t want a full on rainbow ring as their wedding bands, there are choices for LGBT friendly cufflinks, necklaces and earrings.

Put A New Spin on Yin to My Yang


In any couple it’s the differences that make the connection so sweet – it’s the person who’s the Yin to your Yang, the Peanut Butter to your Jelly or … the Han to your Princess Leia? If you happen to be a sci-fi couple, this sign is a great way to convey how you feel about each other and it makes for a wedding decoration that can also easily find a way into your home.

Word Nerds Unite!


Grab a dictionary and place it on a table where guests can come up and mark words that remind them of you as a couple or as each person individually. Encourage them to mark the page with a post it and to inscribe however they want.

Two Words: Bounce House


Planning a wedding is stressful! Blow off some steam by including a bounce house into your reception. Make sure you order one that’s ok for adults to use and place a mat for shoes right outside the entrance.

Better Yet …


Make it a ball pit. Or do both!

Don’t Be Afraid to Get a Little Serious


Let’s not candy coat this – there are some couples who approach their wedding day with a bit of anger. LGBT couples have been denied the right to legally marry for years which means there are couples who have been together for a long time and who are either just now getting the chance to make it “official” or who have gone through marriages or civil unions in the past only to have them struck down by the courts before this summer’s landmark SCOTUS ruling. For these couples, there’s a mix of happiness, relief and, yes, a little chip on the shoulder as they walk down the aisle. Don’t be afraid to acknowledge this feeling if you and your partner have been fighting for this for a long time. Put a new spin on the Just Married t-shirt look by crossing out the Just and substituting “Still”.

A Colorful Send Off


End the evening with a colorful and interactive event by releasing rainbow colored paper lanterns. Guess can inscribe a small message before lighting them and setting them free, making it a chance for everyone to reflect on their own love story while celebrating yours.


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