5 Simple Ways to Include Your Pet in Your Wedding


For most people, a pet is their best friend. You grow attached to your pet because you’ve built a special relationship with them. You spend your time, money and your love on your furry companion. They become a part of your everyday life.  For many people, having a pet also helps with anxiety, stress and loneliness.  Most of all, they make us happy.

Whether it be a dog, cat, horse or even an alligator – you have to have them with you on the biggest day of your life. Your wedding is a very important day, so why leave your best friend out of it?  You don’t have to.

Here are five simple ways you can include your pets in your wedding.

Include Them From Day One

Include your pet in the photo you use for your Save the Date announcements or invitations.  Be next level extra and also include their name in your official wedding text.  After all, they’re getting a new family member too!

There are many creative ways to incorporate your furry friend in your invites and your save-the-date pictures, such as having a sign around your pets neck with the date of your big day. You could also have their paw print added to your invites with a little bit of non-toxic paint and your furry friend’s paw.

Let Them Walk Down the Aisle

PuppyWalkWhether your animal is on a leash or small enough to be held, have them walk with your flower girl, ring bearer or any processional you use.   Depending on their temperament, consider having them be the ring bearer or flower girl.  If you’re not including too much of a processional, simply put them in your wedding party!  A sweet kitty groomsman or a senior dog bridesmaid will ensure everyone remembers your wedding party!  Be aware of your pets behavior in this process, including an animal that gets stressed easily or doesn’t behave well around a big group of people.  Have someone ready to take your pet away from the festivities if they get too worked up or stressed out.

Decorate with Pet Inspired Items

Decorating is a great way to include elements of your relationship with your pet.

  • Have a table that you aren’t sure what to put on? Fear not. Use that table for take home bags with dog/cat treats for your friends to take back to their pets at home.
  • For your table numbers, you could have a picture of your pet placed next to each numbered table.
  • Order a custom cake topper or find a novelty cake topper with a pet theme.
  • Have a cake made separately for your animal to eat on your special day while you newly weds enjoy your beautiful cake with your loved ones.

DogTux(via flickr)

Dress ‘Em Up

This is a formal event, so why not dress up your furry friend?  They could get a dress or a tuxedo that resembles the ones you and your significant other have or get them something that matches the wedding party!   If  those options don’t work, then look at little outfits in the color palette of your wedding.  You could even put head pieces on your pet as well to go with the elegance of the big day.

CatOveralls(Some pets may not want to participate – via flickr)

Don’t Forget the Photo Op!

If you’re going to include your pet in the wedding, don’t forget to also include them in your official wedding photos.  Speak with your photographer ahead of time to ensure they have worked with animals before.  Pack extra treats, water and even an outfit or two just in case Mister Biggelsworth decides to run through the mud.  Also, don’t forget to take waste bags, piddle pads, carriers or anything else you will need to care for your pet on the big day.   Task someone in your wedding party with the details so you won’t have to worry.

Nobody said your human friends are the only ones you need to have at your wedding.  By including your furry friends, you will be creating a memory for them as well.  After all, they are only a part of your life, but you’re the entire life.

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