5 Tips to Plan the Perfect LGBT Marriage Proposal

Lesbian Engagement RIngs

With Valentine’s day fast approaching, it’s that time of the year when many people drop down on one knee to ask their partner’s hand in marriage. Wondering how to plan your LGBT marriage proposal? Don’t fret, we’ve got ideas for you! Whether you capture it in a viral video or simply share a romantic fairytale moment, there are many ways to create a beautiful, funny or surprising story when you finally pop the question. Your proposal can set the mood for your dream wedding, your honeymoon and the rest of your lives together!

Gay and lesbian marriage proposals are just as unique as the love that inspires them. Your proposal could be a big, splashy public event with music and flash mob dancers or an intimate scene at a romantic restaurant. The possibilities are endless.

To help ensure you get that “Yes,” here are 5 tips for planning a perfect LGBT marriage proposal:

1. Find the Perfect Engagement Ring

A ring is a powerful symbol of unity, so it’s no wonder gay engagement rings are such an enduring tradition in marriage proposals. Even if you don’t plan to get down on one knee, it’s important to choose the perfect ring for your partner.

Think about your partner’s personal taste as well as the story of your love together. Make your selection based on this. We here at Equalli.com offer many styles of rainbow sapphire engagement rings that handcrafted with pride, and a lifetime warranty to boot.

2. Choose a Unique Location

Romantic marriage proposals have happened everywhere from Home Depot to Mariah Carey concerts. Draw inspiration from YouTube videos of gay and lesbian marriage proposals, recruit your friends and family (or the Internet!) to help, and plan the perfect moment.

Of course, your proposal doesn’t have to be a big public spectacle. For a more private, intimate proposal, consider “kidnapping” your partner for a last-minute weekend getaway, lead them on a romantic scavenger hunt around your neighborhood or take them on a beautiful hike to watch the sunset.

3. Create the Right Mood for Popping the Question

Once you’ve figured out where you plan to propose, it’s time to think about how. Will you hire a band to leap out of the bushes and serenade your partner? Will you recite a poem or meaningful song lyrics? Creating the right mood is important for making your partner feel special.

Pro Tip: Use the engagement ring! There are more ways to present your ring than getting down on one knee. Consider placing the ring atop a decadent dessert, freezing it in an ice cube or tying it to the collar of your partner’s pet.

4. Get Your Friends and Family Involved

Whether or not you’re planning to turn your LGBT marriage proposal into viral video (let’s be honest, that would be pretty cool), getting your loved ones involved in the proposal will ensure that it’s an unforgettable moment for everyone!

Go big and recruit friends and family to participate in a flash mob, hide them in a restaurant to surprise your partner after the proposal, or just invite everyone to an after-party at a local gay and lesbian club to celebrate your engagement.

5. Remember to Capture the Moment

Finally, don’t forget to capture your marriage proposal so you can share your fairy tale LGBT romance on Facebook, Pinterest or just among family and friends at your wedding.

If you’re planning to propose in a specific venue like a restaurant, talk to the manager ahead of time about hiding a camera near your table. You can also ask a friend to take photos and videos for you.

Good luck – we hope your partner says “yes”!

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