Gift Ideas for Couples Who Have Already Been Together Forever


Wedding season is underway and if you haven’t already picked out wedding gifts for the upcoming festivities we’ve got you covered.  Many couples, especially in the LGBT community, are together for a long time before walking down the aisle.  As a result, it can be challenging to find a gift that fits the couple.  After all, they don’t need much of the stock gifts most couples receive – mixers, linens, housewares … they already have a home filled to the brim.

So what do you buy for the couple who’s already well-established?

We’ve got you covered.

Check out our amazing options for couples who may be starting a new chapter, but they already have plenty of history.

Star Chart of Their Wedding Day

No matter how many years a couple has been together, their wedding day will stand out.  Help them memorialize the day by getting a print of the star chart for their wedding day.  These beautiful prints can be framed or used in the back of a shadow box that includes other wedding day keepsakes.


(Custom star chart, from $45 at Under Lucky Stars)


Wine Subscription

The best gifts are things that make everyday life that little bit better.  Hook your favorite couple up with a wine subscription service and give them the gift of a cozy night over a shared bottle of wine.  Many companies let you choose a six or 12-month subscription, making it a little more budget friendly.  Couple the subscription with a dose of kindness by choosing a wine subscription that donates to charities or supports fair trade.


(Prices vary, Cellar Angels)


Updated Their Dishes

Know a couple who has been together since they were in college?  Then chances are, their dish collection consists mostly of goodwill finds, mismatched mugs and cereal bowls that don’t quick stack properly.  Gove them an instant upgrade with a pattern that matches their style.  Not every couple needs – or wants – a fancy set of matched china.  Opt for a funky geometric pattern or one that All Modern.


(Odette Bone China 4 Piece Place Setting, from $79.99 at All Modern)


Matching Watches

Pick out a watch set that matches or simply two watches in the same style to create a matched look for your favorite couple.  You can have an engraving included on the back of each that pays homage to their time together and the future they are creating.


(Red Rev Black Watch Set, $195 at Macy’s)


Send ‘Em to School

Couples who have been together for a long time know that adventure is what keeps a relationship fresh.  Learning something is one of the best ways couples can come together as a team to achieve a goal.  Give the gift of a cooking , painting, carpentry or even glass blowing class.  Not only will it be something unique – giving an experience will last longer in many ways than any tangible gift.


(Find local classes and events at Groupon or Living Social)


Get Their Hearts Pumping

Speaking of adventures, why not give a real-life adventure.  There are packages you can buy for everything from race driving to sky diving.  Check out different options in your immediate area or choose something that can be built into a weekend away.


(Prices and experiences vary at Cloud 9 Living)


Upgrade Their Sheets

The best gift is something that someone wants, but would never buy for themselves.  Brooklinen sheets are the epitome of this idea.  Their sheets are simply amazing and have been raved about in every publication and platform from Instagram to Business Insider (seriously).  Their price tag, however, makes them an indulgence many couples forego.  Give your friends the gift of the amazing luxury they deserve without the guilt of having to buy it for themselves.


(Luxe Hardcore Sheet Bundle, $240 at Brooklinen)


A Customizable Family Cookbook

Many couples begin to consider the legacy they will leave once they decide to join their lives together.  While not all couples will have children, most couples want the ability to impart their wisdom, insight and advice to friends and family even after they are gone.  Creating a family cookbook is a great way to accomplish that goal.  Sharing recipes and family stories is a great way to share memories and extend comfort and love long after someone is gone.



(My Family Cookbook, $35 at Uncommon Goods)


Literally they Miracle we’ve All Been Waiting For

No matter what a couple has, no matter how many things they’ve accumulated, there’s one thing they probably still think only exists in fairy tales – a way to keep avocados and guacamole actually fresh.  And I’m not talking scrape-off-the-layer-of-brown-and-it’s-fine-underneath kind of fresh.  I mean, truly, actually 100% fresh fresh.  The Guac Lock lets you store prepared guacamole or avocado slices in a container that is both air-tight AND a vacuum.  Miracles really DO happen!


(GuacLock, $20 at MoMA Design Store)

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