Amazing Ideas for a Horror Themed Wedding

Photo by Mathew MacQuarrie on Unsplash

Horror themed weddings have gone from fringe ideas to full mainstream.  Thanks to gorgeous designs, amazing creativity and plenty of fan fun, there are more ideas than ever before when it comes to making your matrimony a bit morbid.

If you are a couple who tend to lean more toward haunted and spooky subjects, then a horror themed wedding could be the route for you. Using some of these tips and tricks that we’ve gathered will allow your special day to not only stand out but also give your guests just the right kind of chill up their spine!

Save The Date and Invitation Ideas

Being lovers of all things scary, having a horror themed invite for your family and friends is a creative and fun way to show off the love you and your person have toward horror. When thinking about fun and spooky ideas for your invites try considering different horror films or even reenact a certain scene from you and your partner’s favorite scary movie. You and your partner could even take pictures that include being chased, blood or even showing you guys in a haunted field. Have fun and get creative but most of all, be spooky.

HT-Invite01(Crafty Bean Design)






HT-Invite04(via io9)


HT-Invite05(via Offbeat Bride)


Horror Themed Wedding Dress & Tux Ideas

Having a unique wedding dress is always fun, especially when the dress is bought from a niche bridal boutique.   Check locally to see for creative people who may be able to create something custom made.  A fun, creative and overall spooky way to make your horror wedding stand out is by using fake blood to create blood splatters on your wedding dress.  Thinking about going to this extent for your wedding will create a spook as well as keep that horror theme you and your person wanted to create.



GothDress01(Alice Corsets)


GothDress02(Alice Corsets)


Decorations & Accessories

Wedding decorations are a crucial part of your special day.  What better way to allow your wedding to be frightening and unique than to include spooky decorations and chilling little touches?

Think of little details that will make you and your person smile such as a tiny coffin saying “Till Death Do Us Part” that holds your rings, red punch to represent blood, skeleton cake toppers that are designed to represent you and your person, black rose trail for the bride to follow up to being wed, there are numerous routes to go that are fun and creative.

Seating arrangements for the wedding can include just the right amount of spooks and scares that are desired by including tables with funky designs such as skulls, blood, and even horror movie characters. Think about creating a sign of guests seats with table names of your favorite scary movies or even names of your favorite horror characters. Chairs could have cobwebs as well as even fake spiders!



Deco02(via Rock n Roll Bride)


Deco03(via Belle)


Deco04(Black Cherry Cake Company)

Horror themed weddings are increasingly popular.  Blending the macabre with matrimony is a way to have fun and even blow off some steam on your big day.  Get your friends and family into the mood by encouraging them to dress up as well.  This allows your wedding to stand out from the rest and creates a memory that you and your guests will remember for years to come.


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