10 Perfect Gay Wedding Cake Toppers

Gay couples all over the country are planning their dream LGBT wedding thanks to the landmark Supreme Court decision this past summer. As these men and women hunker down to decide on seating arrangements, venues, bands and menus, they also find themselves searching for the one accessory many couples don’t even think about until the last minute: gay wedding cake toppers.

The bride and groom cake topper is more than traditional, it’s become an icon. As a result, many couples feel conflicted about their choice.  It’s the same dilemma they face when choosing LGBT wedding ring sets.  Should they try to capture that same classic look or find something entirely new and different?  Which is more important to the couple – the tradition or their interpretation of it – is an issue many modern couples face, but LGBT couples feel it especially keenly.  The answer depends entirely on the two people involved, but options exist that can cater to absolutely any decision.

Wedding cake toppers date back several centuries though little is known about their origin. Legend has it the original cake topper was designed by a baker with a daughter preparing to walk down the aisle. The story goes that the daughter asked her father for a special gift for her wedding, a symbol of her union that she could show to the world and which would last long after the celebration had ended.

The baker went through many different ideas before deciding to create two figures that would sit atop the cake he planned on baking for the big day. The figures would be simple – just small representations of his daughter and her groom – but the idea behind them was much bigger. He wanted to forever capture that special day in a way they could both reflect on, remembering not only the thrill of their wedding but also the love, hope and optimism they each felt that day.

Since then, cake toppers have become the standard in most, if not all, western weddings. While the traditional bride and groom sets the bar in terms of classic appeal, changes in coupledom have been reflected in the choice of toppers for decades. Interracial couples were perhaps the first to create a big change in the appearance and so did older couples, blended families and people who simply wanted something a bit different.

Here, I’ve gathered together 10 of the best gay wedding cake toppers we could find. I searched for everything from new takes on the classic look to ideas that are a full departure from the norm. During my research I learned a lot about the different types of wedding cake toppers people can buy and also about how important these figurines are for the couple. So it came as no surprise to find that there were toppers not only for every kind of couple, but also for every type of love.

For the Classic Look

TwoBridesClassic Two Brides


TwoGroomsTwo Grooms

 Many couples want to retain that classic appeal of the iconic bride and groom and these same sex versions do just the trick. They are perfect for traditionalists as well as those who like the idea of that 1950s idyllic life, either as their own personal ideal view or even tongue in cheek. So variations on this traditional look ranges from what you’d expect – perfect little figurines with placid, blank stares to modern twists on the theme.

LegoThe Lego Version of Two Grooms

BadassBridesTwo Tough Brides

A Classic Outline

Another way to still use the iconic look of the traditional couple but give is an update is to use the silhouettes as a topper. This is a great way to combine a traditional look with a modern twist.

BrideSilhouetteTwo Brides

GroomSilhouetteTwo Grooms

The Ultimate Love Song


MusicalIt’s a Groovy Kind of Love


Sometimes couples don’t want any sort of couple on their cake. Instead of focusing on themselves as people, they choose instead to use a symbol of a shared passion. Music is probably the most common form of this type of cake topper since so many people bond over a shared love of a certain type of music or single band.


Just My Type


Typography has become a popular art form with more and more people using interesting fonts and word clouds to decorate their homes and offices. Couples who have a passion for the printed word can translate that easily into interesting and unique cake toppers.


MrandMrTypeMr & Mr


MrsandMrsMrs & Mrs


Everything Just Clicks


When a couple comes together and falls in love it often feels as if things are just falling into place. Once they move past the first flush of lust that familiar, comforting and peaceful feeling of things clicking into place is what convinces many of us that we’ve found The One.


puzzlepieceYou complete me




Fandom Forever


There are couples on television shows, in books and from the movies that remind us of our own relationships regardless of the character’s genders or species. Sometimes it’s all about relating and connecting on a different level, when personalities trump physical characteristics. For fans like these, using those characters as your cake toppers is the perfect way to symbolize your story together. It’s also the an increasingly popular options for people who don’t like to publicly identify as a single gender or those who simply want to disregard gender entirely.



FuturamaFuturama fans know a good love story


StormTrooperVaderVader and Trooper 4Eva

Nature Lovers


UnderaTreeTogether forever

This topper is perfect for couples who share a passion for the great outdoors as well as each other. Best of all, it’s something you’ll want to keep and display long after the wedding is over.


Creative Kitsch


FlamingosMade for each other


People bond over lots of different things and sometimes it’s all about the kitsch. Pink flamingoes are the iconic example for that retro look and they’re a great idea for couples who love anything so tacky it’s beautiful.


Cat People


CatLoversInsert any purrrr-fect pun joke here

We all know at least one couple who you’re certain are at least part cat. Cat people are a special breed and, for them, a wedding cake topper that reflects that is an easy choice.



Truly Traditional


HeartKnotTruly traditional

Back in the day – as in the Medieval days – tying knots was a common part of the wedding ceremony. Today hand fasting ceremonies remain popular in certain cultures and religions. A knotted heart wedding cake topper includes this tradition in your own celebration.


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