Gifts For Your Wedding Party – 15 Time-Stopping Watches

Pop Quiz:  What gift does every member of your wedding party give you?

Their time.

Every time they meet with you to go over details.  Each moment they spend researching options, adding to Pinterest boards and checking things off your shared To Do lists.  Every second, every minute – they all add up to hours and hours of time spent to help you make your wedding day truly one to remember.

With that in mind, it seems like a perfect fit to gift those special people with time pieces that are the perfect blend of functionality and beauty.  We’ve brought together 15 absolutely stunning time pieces that will ensure the members of your wedding party remember this moment in time forever.

1.  Swarovski Crystalline Oval Set

Swarovski is a brand known for its bling and their Crystalline Oval watch is a perfect example.  Set with 1,700 crystals, this sunray dial toned watch makes an immediate impression.  Its dynamic sparkle pairs perfectly with the accompanying slender metal bangle attached to a delicate chain with a crystal embellished disc.  Swarovski  style at its best.

Crystalline Oval from Swarovski



2.  Jaquet Droz Lady 8 Flower Watch

Have someone who has always been your touchstone for embracing their uniqueness?  If you want a watch that makes a powerful statement about standing apart, the Jaquet Droz Lady 8 Flower watch fits the bill.  Its unique shape makes it something that grabs the attention of others and makes a powerful first impression.  It boasts 114 diamonds on its 18-carat red gold case and a further 21 diamonds on its buckle.  The flower is made up of 18-carat red gold petals and Ruby briolette.  You can trigger the mechanical opening flower automation with the push of discrete button.

Jaquet Droz Lady 8 Flower Watch



3.  Vacheron Constantin Patrimony Ultra

In the world of watches, Vacheron Constantin often sets the bar.  Their watches are mechanical marvels, engineering and artisan craftsmanship that unites science and art.  The Patrimony Ultra is essentially the ‘Little Black Dress’ of their collection.  With a sleek and sophisticated style, it goes with literally everything.  Have a seat before checking out their collections, though, Vacheron Constantin watches often cost $30,000 or more.

VacheronPatrimonyVacheron Constantin Patrimony Ultra


4.  Salvador Dali Inspired Melting Watch

This watch is inspired by Dali’s infamous painting The Persistence of Memory.  No longer readily available through its original company, these watches are now primarily found via Etsy, eBay and other secondhand sources.  These are an ideal option for people who want something creative and iconic.

Salvador Dali Inspired Melting Watch


5.  Fluid DJ Watch

I have to admit, this one became an instant personal favorite as I was compiling this list.  It’s the perfect homage to music with an 80’s feel and it still manages to look amazing.  Perhaps one of the best ‘conversation starter’ pieces in the collection.

Fluid DJ Watch


6.  Carpenter Collection by Analog

Do you have someone in your wedding party who feels a strong connection to the earth?  Maybe someone who is always wanting to be out hiking in the woods, sitting by a campfire and soaking in the beauty of the natural world.  If so, the Carpenter Collection over at Analog watch is for them.  Select an amazing timepiece sculpted from richly colored wood.  Best of all these minimalist watches are more than simply stylish – they’re Earth friendly.  For each watch sold, Analog Watch plants a tree with Trees for the Future.

Teak & Bamboo watch from Analog


7.  Wooden Murf Watch by Nixon

This is another watch that is no longer made by its parent company and so has to be found through secondhand sources.  Having said that, it’s well worth the effort if you want to buy a timepiece for someone with a love of all things retro.  This watch perfectly embodies the look and feel of the 70s without being obnoxious.  That makes it an ideal accessory for people who want something quirky enough to reflect their personality while being versatile enough for everyday wear.

Wooden Murf Watch by Nixon


8.  Terra Time

Show just how deep your love is for the special person in your wedding party with a watch that celebrates the deep layers and colorful dimensions of the world around us.  Inspired by topographical art, Terra Time celebrates and showcases the beauty you find when you dig beneath the surface.

Terra Time



9.  Free Time

Fans of minimalist style will fall head over heels for this simple watch that uses different circles to tell the time.  The Free Time watch uses three concentric circles with small notches to convey the time in a way that is both innovative and intuitive.

Free Time



10.  ZIIIRO Mercury Watch

German watch manufacturer ZIIIRO has created an amazing, fluid like display for time that makes their watch an amazing accessory.  The Mercury Watch uses two soft, almost fluid-like swirls (hence the name Mercury) to display the time.  There are several colors to choose from, all with a setting that makes their depth vivid.

ZIIIRO Mercury Watch


11.  The Android Time Machine Watch

Don’t worry – there are no robots involved with this, though the watch beautifully showcases spinning blades that move along with you.  The design of the Android Time Machine watch has clear steampunk inspiration but it still manages to pull off the perfect mix of iconic beauty to modern design.

Android Time Machine Watch


12.  The Bradley

The Bradley was originally funded via Kickstarter as a watch for the blind.  With raised notches and indicators for the time, it’s the perfect watch for the vision impaired as well as those who are completely blind.  While it has become popular for its approach to assisting the visually impaired, its sleek and minimalist design means it’s also an attractive and versatile option no matter what someone’s vision.


The Bradley


13.  Thomas Earnshaw Cornwall Sweep Second Retrograde

Simple, sleek and reasonably priced:  a combination you don’t often find in the world of jewellery and watches.  But the Thomas Earnshaw Cornwall Sweep Second Retrograde is the perfect ‘little black dress’ option for those who want to give their wedding party members something sophisticated and well crafted without breaking the bank.

Thomas Earnshaw Cornwall Sweep Second Retrograde


14.  The Jacob & Co Quenttin Quenttin RG

Speaking of breaking the bank, the Jacob & Co Quenttin Quenttin RG certainly comes to mind.  The watch itself boasts a number of complicates gears and dials.  Created in 18k rose gold, the Quentin Quentin RG is truly a work of beauty – and its price tag shows it.  While the watch itself is breathtaking, it’s $350k price tag is what will really leave you panting.

Jacob & Co Quenttin Quenttin RG


15.  Tesla Watch

Finally, there’s an option for people who go beyond not fitting the mold.  The Tesla watch from Think Geek shatters, reinvents and then stretches the limits to what you can expect from a watch.  The Tesla Watch features a gorgeous and simple watch face accented with two LED vacuum tubes that are activated with a switch on the face of the watch.  It’s absolutely amazing and perhaps the only watch truly worthy of the name Tesla.

Tesla watch

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