How To Write Your Own Wedding Vows



Writing wedding vows can be tricky.  Often it’s a time when writers’ block decides to hit. Thinking of the happy times, memories, the love shared, all the things that tie into your vows can be hard to put into writing. Being aware that your friends and family are going to hear your vows can also make the writing more nerve wracking, but fear not – we are here to help.

Remember that when you’re writing your wedding vows, you’re setting promises to your significant other. These promises don’t have to be large or small, but you are telling your person what they’re to expect in the happy years to come.  That could mean promising to pick up clothes off the bathroom floor or promising to have children.

One topic to be sure to include is what you love about your significant other; what about your significant other made you want to spend the rest of your life with them. People also tend to include their religion, children, and their goals moving forward in the marriage. Your vows are about your relationship and should include things that you and your significant other care deeply about. Include what you want to do to make your significant other happy through the years.

If you or your significant other have children, be sure to include them. Know that acknowledging your step-children is a crucial part of showing your acceptance of your family – each and every member. A great tip when writing your vows if there is kids involved is by saying what you plan to do as their step-parent whether it be taking them to school, taking them out, or just simply being there for them. Showing that you want to be an active role in your step-child’s life is a great way to let that child know that you not only care for their parent, but for them as well.

When finishing your vows, make sure you have a strong and significant ending. Include something along the lines of “Knowing that my future is going to be with you, I know I have everything I could ever need.” Just include what about marrying them makes you feel like.

Vows are from the heart and are sentimental to you and your person. Know that your vow doesn’t have to be long or short, but just that it includes your thoughts and feelings. Some vows can be funny as well as very deep. There’s no right or wrong way to write a vow as long as you know in the end that your vow will let your significant other know that you’re in the same place as they are and that you want a life with them.

Wedding vows are nerve wracking and can take weeks to write, but with this article we hope that your nerves can settle and you’re able to write what you feel and you include how you hope your marriage will grow over the years. Love is a beautiful thing and being able to spend the rest of your life with someone who makes you happy is special, just think of your vow as your love in writing for your significant other.

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