Incorporating Lost Loved Ones In Your Wedding


Losing a loved one is never easy and what they say isn’t exactly true –  It doesn’t always get better over time. Being without someone you care about and spent time with is hard enough.  That pain is amplified when they aren’t there for your wedding day.  It is such a special and important day and their absence is often felt strongly.   While nothing can bring your lost loved ones back, that doesn’t mean they cant’t be with you.

We’ve put together a few ideas on how you can incorporate your lost loved ones into your special day.  These ideas can make your day amazing while honoring and including the person – or people – who helped guide you here.ButtoningDress

Use Their Clothing For Your Attire or Wedding Keepsake

People tend to get pillows or quilts made out of their lost loved ones shirts. Try incorporating one of your lost loved one’s pieces of clothing into your attire.  You can use a treasured ribbon if you have a corset dress, a favorite dress or suit or even a full outfit of theirs if it’s your style and something you’d choose.

You can also have your garter made out of your loved ones clothes or even a piece of their wedding attire if they were ever married.  Another good idea to consider is getting one of their shirts made into a belt for your dress. If the groom is incorporating a lost relative or friend, consider having their tie made from the fabric of their loved one’s clothes.

Alternatively, you can use different pieces of their clothes to make an altar cover, table cloth or wedding keepsake.   Speak to your tailor or seamstress about what you’d like to include.  You could have pieces of their clothes added in numerous creative and elegant ways.

Create A Memory Table or Photo Wall

Having a memory table or a photo wall are creative ways to incorporate the people that you and your significant other have lost.  Use photos, concert ticket stubs, notes and other that were an important part of your lost ones life.  Place them out on a table, make a wall of memories or use shadowboxes.   Include quotes like “We know you would be here if you weren’t so far away” if you’d like.  Make it a space where people can take a moment and see all that you’ve included.

SaveChairLeave A Spot

Consider having a seat saved for a lost loved one. Having seats for your guests is a must, so why not include a spot for someone who can only be there in spirit.   This is a very common way to embrace the idea of them being there with you during your ceremony.  Place a flower or even a picture of your loved one on a seat or even place something there that was important to them so people know that seat is reserved for someone that would be there if they could.

Wear Their Jewelry

Have a loved one that has passed who has jewelry? Wear it! Incorporating their jewelry into your wedding is also a common way people tie their loved ones into their weddings. You could even get a piece of their jewelry sewn into your dress. Whether it be a bracelet, ring, or necklace – you will have them with you.

Raise Your Glass

During your reception, propose a toast to your loved one.  Write a speech where you talk to your family and friends about why this person is so significant to you and being there for your special day.  This is your wedding, after all and a toast to your lost loved one can make all the difference.

Moment Of Silence

Have a moment of silence before the ceremony starts or even afterwards for the ones that you wished could have been with you. Losing a loved one is one of the hardest things to push through, but know that they are always with you and would be smiling so big on your big day. Enjoy your special day and know that they would want you to enjoy your day as becoming newly weds.

One of the greatest things about a wedding is that everyone comes together to celebrate a happy union.  Too often, we have people we have loved and lost who cannot be there for the Big Day.  Finding small ways to incorporate a loved one can go a long way in ensuring your special day is one that makes you feel truly surrounded by love.

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