Seven Lesbian Wedding Blogs to Inspire the Perfect Ceremony


Looking for a great blog to help you plan an upcoming wedding for a lesbian couple?  Sure there are plenty of great mainstream wedding blogs but let’s face it – there are certain challenges unique to planning an LGBT wedding.   Whether you’re looking for inspiration on how to choose wedding attire that goes together, the best phrasing for your traditional invitations or how to source the most stunning and LGBT friendly wedding jewelry, there’s a blog for you.  We’ve brought together seven of the best lesbian wedding blogs sure to inspire your creativity and help you plan the best wedding ever.


A Bicycle Built For Two

The Bicycle Built for Two blog is one of the best known LGBT friendly wedding blogs.  It’s a simple stripped down blog that doesn’t overload your screen with links, ads and animations.  What it does provide is a wealth of inspiration from LGBT couples who have tied the knot.  BBFT focuses on the details of real weddings so their offering is eclectic and able to inspire any couple.  They also offer a fairly robust vendor section, highlighting vendors for everything from wedding cakes to bow ties.  Their vendors aren’t searchable but many of them are based online so even if they’re not local you can probably still order from them if you place your order early enough.  His blog is perfect for couples in search of inspiration and those who simply love a good love story.  Their real weddings section is organized by location, making it easy for other LGBT couples to find places and ideas close to home.




2 Brides 2 Be

2 Brides 2 Be focuses on real world weddings for couples who want to splash out for their big day.  The resources, ideas and vendors featured on this blog are definitely high-end and not for those on a shoestring budget.  Still, even if your budget is modest, the inspiration the blog offers could spark creative knock off options for people with some talent and flair.  Their blog also stretches into issues not normally seen on wedding sites, but which are interesting to LGBT couples.  They have sections dedicated to proposal Stories as well as the endearing “I Kissed a Girl” entries which detail the first flutters of love – or lust – readers have experienced.




H & H Weddings

The wedding ideas, vendors and inspiration found on H& H Weddings are definitely for high-end brides.  H & H Weddings offer real wedding stories, amazing photography and a searchable vendor listings for LGBT couples who want nothing short of the very best for their wedding.  Many of their vendors also offer services for other large parties and gatherings, including anniversaries.  Everything about H & H Weddings stems from a clear commitment to the very best and a commitment to equality.  Their blog and website are a perfect match for brides with a healthy budget who know they deserve the best.  They also offer a VIP list for their “crème de la crème” which is strictly By Invitation Only.  They’re coy on the details but any readers willing to give up the details on the inner circle of H & H … let us know!






14 Stories

14 Stories is part blog, part resource and part vendor.  They specialize in options for couples planning a destination wedding to far flung locations.  As a result, they are an ideal resource for LGBT couples who want to plan their own destination wedding or their extended honeymoon.  It can also be a great resource for LGBT couples who live in a common tourist destination and want to research hotels and flight information for friends and family coming in from out of town.  14 Stories also maintains a wedding planning partnership with  W Resort and Spa on Vieques Island off the coast of Puerto Rico which has become the perfect choice for LGBT couples who want a tropical wedding or honeymoon but who have concerns about where it’s safe for LGBT couples to travel.





The Gay Wedding Guide

The Gay Wedding Guide focuses primarily on British options for LGBT couples.  It’s the ideal resource for couples who live abroad as well as those who want to plan a quaint English countryside wedding or a British adventure for their honeymoon.  With information on everything from vendors to traditional etiquette, it can help couples advice and inspiration that resonates couples both here and across the pond.  Perfect for couples traveling for their wedding or home based Anglophiles.




Gay Weddings by Wedding Wire

Experience is the best teacher and for LGBT couples, a blog that has a long history of celebrating unions for all kinds of couples brings with it resources, advice and information that  can make a huge difference when it comes to wedding planning.  Managed by Wedding Wire, the simply named Gay Weddings offers exceedingly practical and beautifully styled advice and inspiration.  Wedding Wire has been involved with wedding planning online since 2006 and the tools available through Gay Weddings and the main website include everything from vendor checks and budget tracking.  Gay Weddings is a great all around website that comes with the backing of more than a decade of experience.



Equally Wed

Equally Wed offers a bit of everything, making it a perfect one-stop place for everything from wedding style and theme inspiration to budgeting and travel advice.  They also boast a comprehensive vendor directory that you can search by service or general location.  Their blog covers marriage from every conceivable angle, including advice and insight on how to weather stormy times and build a foundation that lasts.  With articles on serious issues like how to deal with a partner’s mental health issues to how having a pet can strengthen a marriage, equally wed offers advice for your Big Day and the happily ever after.




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