Military and Matrimony: Planning a Wedding When You’re a Military Couple



Planning a wedding when you or your significant other are in the military can most definitely be a challenge of its own. Whether they’re stationed or even just doing a few weeks away a month – a wedding can become hard to plan when your significant other isn’t there often. With your military wedding it’s easy to think about all the beautiful military themed things you could do such as walking underneath the sword arch, or having your significant others military buddies show up in their uniforms, but know that it’s difficult to plan that and even get it to happen when your significant other is away. We’ve gathered a few challenges that could be faced and ways that could help you solve them.SwordsMilitary

Where the Wedding Will Be

    Finding a place to get married is stressful enough as is but try and consider getting married on a base! Military bases offer chapels for all kinds of religions and the officiants are even free which is a steal. Getting married on the base is a great way to honor the life and changes you guys are going to have through your marriage. Getting married off base is just as perfect for your special day but keep in mind if your heart is set on a place off of base, always keep a look out for discounts.

Prepare for Change

Having a spouse in the military, you know there are going to be changes and moves. Deployment can affect even your spouse not being able to make it home in time for the wedding, be prepared to move the date. Look for vendors that have wedding insurance. When not knowing the next time your significant other is going to be moved, wedding insurance is crucial. The insurance will cover you financially if you end up having to cancel or postpone your wedding.


Remembering the resources around you can make planning feel less stressful. Organizations will give you advantages when you are planning a military wedding. Places like Brides Across America will even help so much as to having your designer wedding dress be free. Places everywhere will help out, you just have to do your research. There are discounts on venues, photographers, even food when it comes to a military wedding.

You Are Not Alone

    Know that while planning your military wedding, you are not alone. Call friends and family to help the planning. Ask around for information on how to make the process easier to plan as well. People have military weddings all around the world, know that there are thousands of people that are more than willing to help you come up with ideas as well as find places, discounts, and even help with budgeting. While your significant other is away, give them tasks to complete and help the planning process run much smoother. Have your significant other ask their military friends to help as well. You are not alone with this planning process.


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