Simple Ways to Cut Wedding Costs Without Looking Cheap


When planning a wedding, things can become hectic especially with the cost. Your wedding day is a special day that reflects you as well as your significant other.  It should be focused on celebrating your love, not stressing over the budget.  We’ve brought together a few simple ways you can throw a classy wedding without breaking the bank.


Finding and booking a wedding venue varies depending on a host of factors including the popularity of the venue and the city in which you’re celebrating.  Still, no matter where you’re getting ready to tie the know, there are some simple ways to keep those costs in check.

Know that with planning your special day, weddings tend to be $40 to $50 less with each guest when booked December through March.

Sunday mornings are also known to help cut the costs of weddings because the idea of brunch is included for a large crowd which is 30% less than the cost of dinner would be if say you chose the time to be around the evening.

Venues that don’t come decorated are often rented at a marked discount.  Sprucing up and decorating a room and even renting tables and chairs can be done fairly cheaply.  Compare costs for bare bones venues to see if some extra work on your part will keep your budget happy.

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Consider having food stations! While being very similar to a buffet, this idea allows guests to visit different stations for their meal. There are numerous stations you could create including pasta, veggie, dessert and so on.

Have a simple yet elegant display cake.  Having a simple display cake will allow you to spend more money on decor and less on having a giant 10-tier cake. Use your display cake for photo ops and as the dessert for the bride and groom then serve everyone from a sheet cake.  Simple yet elegant but keep it classy!


Have bottles lying around the house?  Mason jars? Use em! Fill the bottles with 2-3 flowers and have a cheap yet elegant look. After all, that’s what we want.

Stick with minimal centerpieces. Using flowers with greenery and long stems can create a serious yet fancy look. Just look at this centerpiece!



Book your photographer early. In some situations, photographers will give discounts for an early booking so try to book one right around the time you book your wedding date.

Try hiring a photographer for less time. Consider having bridesmaids or groomsmen take pre-wedding photos beforehand and have the photographer take pictures during the ceremony. Less time, less money.


Instead of a live band, choose a DJ. Why? When hiring a live band, you’re paying for several people and special sound equipment. When hiring a DJ it will be cheaper but not without risk.  Be sure to find someone within a trusted and well reviewed company.

One of the best ways to find great people to work with is to reach out to friends and family.  If you’ve been to a wedding that you enjoyed, ask the happy couple about who they hired. Personal referrals can help you find great, local wedding professionals to work with.

Finding ways to keep costs low doesn’t mean sacrificing quality.  Plenty of savings are found simply in planning ahead. Staying ahead of the game ensures you can make the most out of sales, specials and shopping around.  The more of yourself you put into the planning of your wedding, the more your special day will truly be a reflection of your own love story.

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