Six Spectacularly Non-Traditional Wedding Registries You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

Setting up a wedding registry is a common part of planning any wedding.  Many couples choose popular, well-known retailers like Amazon, Target and others.  But some couples want to do things a little different.  For some couples it’s the result of having been together so long, they don’t need the usual round of housewares and quirky pillows.  Other couples want to have quirky options for friends who prefer to gift sex toys over matching stemware.  Whatever your motivation, we’ve brought together a collection of the most distinctive wedding registries available to couples today.



Domino’s Pizza

The Domino’s Pizza wedding registry offers friends and family easy ways to gift a night off of adulating to the lucky couple.   The list offers up different meal combinations with names like “Thank You Card-a-thon” and even a “Dancing With My Slice” spread designed to deliver the final toppings for the friends who are there way past the end of the reception.



Give it Away

When a couple doesn’t need or want anything material, they will ask that people donate to a specific charity or cause in lieu of gifts.  Give your guests specific charity links or consider websites that offer a variety of charities you’d love to support.  Guests who want to show their support for your relationship with a gift can support the causes near and dear to your hearts.



Help Another Couple

If you want your wedding registry to really make an impact, consider setting one up for another couple entirely.  Wish Upon a Wedding is an organization dedicated to helping couples overcome truly amazing odds in their journey to tie the knot.  The charity focuses on couples where one or both partners face medical issues that would otherwise prevent them from being able to walk down the aisle.  Couples or their caretakers can apply and while the requirements are somewhat confining, by honing their focus, the group has been able to help couples facing life altering issues such as cancer realize their dream wedding.



The Perfect Customizable Gift

Back in the day, gift cards could be seen as a bit of a cop out but today, gift cards are the go to gift for people who simply want to give couples what they really want – freedom.   Card Avenue lets couples set up a registry specifically for gift cards for shops they actually want.  Guests who want to branch out a bit can explore similar shops to find cards that will still expand a couple’s comfort zone.




Small batch, hand-crafted, local artisans … however you want to label it, Etsy is the home of unique ideas.  Use their list options to create a wedding registry on Etsy and you can flag all the unique things that simply can’t be found anywhere else.




Sometimes derisively referred to as ‘Crowdsourcing for Coitus’ the website Honeyfund lets people donate to your honeymoon.  There are other websites you can use to get donations and you can also have people send money to your PayPal or online bank account.  Some etiquette experts roll their eyes about soliciting donations or any kind but let’s be fair – giving cash is sometimes the Go To option for plenty of guests, especially for couples who have already been together a long time.

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