Top 10 Gay Friendly Honeymoon Destinations

You’ve made it through the wedding planning, managed to remember your vows and exchange your gay wedding rings and survived your Aunt Martha doing the Funky Chicken while Uncle Lester invites everyone to pull his fingers, now it’s time for the real joy of a wedding – the coveted gay honeymoon. Where are the best destinations for gay and lesbian couples to kick back, relax, recover from the wedding and begin their life of wedded bliss? We’ve rounded up 10 of the best gay friendly honeymoon destinations both domestic and international so you can find the perfect spot to relax no matter what your budget.

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1. Puerto Vallarta and Punta Mita (Mexico)

This is a double header in terms of honeymoon destinations. Puerto Vallarta is an incredibly popular destination for LGBT travelers as well as gay couples looking for a honeymoon spot, but it’s also something of a party town. Experts suggest making a day trip to Puerto Vallarta but staying in Punta Mita, which is a quieter area located only an hour away. Both cities are very welcoming to same sex couples and have reputations for being gay friendly. Do a little planning and you can spent time having fun and hitting the dance floor while still being able to retreat to a scenic hotel on a quiet beach.

2. Provincetown, Cape Cod (Massachusetts)

When you think ‘gay friendly’ Massachusetts might not be the first state that pops in your mind but the fact is that Provincetown, located at the very tip of Cape Cod, has been a popular destination for gay and lesbian tourists for years. The town is filled with cute B&B accommodations as well as a long history of not just tolerance, but a warm and welcoming embrace of diversity.

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3. Wine Country (California, United States)

Napa and Sonoma Valley are both popular honeymoon destinations thanks to their scenic wineries and breathtaking views. They’re also close to San Francisco and so retain a lot of the same sense of inclusion when it comes to gay and lesbian couples. This makes wine country a great place to plan your entire honeymoon or an ideal side trip if you’d rather celebrate in San Francisco.

4. San Francisco (California, United States)

Of course no list of gay friendly destinations would be complete without mentioning the most gay friendly city in the country – San Francisco. While the city has more of a reputation for wild parties and sowing your wild oats, it also offers ideal tourist destinations, scenic hikes and plenty of fun for a couple who wants some solitary fun.

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5. Key West (Florida, United States)

Want to soak in the sun and enjoy a vibrant local community? Check out Key West in Florida, the perfect combination of fun, sun and romantic moments. The city itself is designed to be brightly colored with local landmarks painted in turquoise, yellow and pink and it’s a diver universe from the inside out. There’s an LGBT historic trolley tour through Key West, opportunities to snorkel through the coral reefs and even stop on by to check out Ernest Hemmingway’s home which is now a museum with plenty of bars nearby that honor Old Papa.

6. Prague (Czech Republic)

Prague is one of the most vibrant and colorful cities in Europe – and also one of the most overlooked. Steeped in history but no stranger to progressive change, Prague embodies the progressive and liberal acceptance of its youthful culture as well as honoring its history. Best of Prague is relatively inexpensive so your traveling budget can go farther. Check out the Franz Kafka museum, its infamous spa villages and, of course, their Gothic architecture.


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7. Hawaii (United States)

Any of the Hawaiian islands are a great choice when it comes to planning the perfect honeymoon and the state is well known for welcoming people regardless of sexual orientation or anything else. There are even hotels in the state known for being especially welcoming to same sex couples. The Grand Hyatt in Kauai, the Maui Sunseeker LGBT Resort and the Royal Hawaiian (aka the Pink Palace) all have a reputation for catering to same sex couples.

8. Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)

Rio de Janeiro is more commonly associated with its internationally known Carnival but the fact is that it’s a teeming, colorful and bustling place to be all year round. It’s also a diverse and tolerant city in spite of its long religious history. Brazilians are more interested in having a good time and catering to the booming tourist industry than they are with making a political stand over who’s kissing who so same sex couples often find they have no trouble in this idyllic setting.

9. Paris (France)

France only recently legalized gay marriage but it has been a popular and gay friendly destination for years.   This city for lovers knows that love isn’t about gender, race or creed – it’s about intense passion and emotion so it welcomes couples of every combination and sets the scene for the most amazing honeymoon ever.

10. Why Choose Just One (Cruises)

If you and your spouse want a bit of everything, consider all-inclusive cruise options which cater to same sex couples. Outfits like Crystal Cruises, Regent Seven, Celebrity and Olivia all offer all gay cruise options that cater to same sex couples on board and visit gay friendly ports throughout their travels. For couples who love a bit of everything and plenty of options for activities, these offer the best of all worlds.