Wedding Ideas for Sports Fans


When planning a wedding, the first priority is for it to be special and significant to you and your partner. Being a sports fan and having your love for sports bring you and your significant other together is filled with excitement and a lot of cheering so why not have the excitement of sports be included in your wedding! This is your special day and you deserve to be creative and have fun. There are numerous fun and creative ways to include sports in your wedding and here are a few that we have gathered in hopes that your special day is a touchdown or maybe even a hole in one.

Wedding Invites

Set the tone right from the start with sports themed invitations or Save the Date cards.  Add a special touch to your wedding invites by including the sport you and your significant other share a love for. In the invites, add a bowling ball, football, soccer ball or even a golf club at the top. You can get creative and use a golf club as the line to sign whether your guests are attending or not. You could even get creative in the sense of having the cards made into a ball, puck, bat or other piece of sports equipment.

Team Colors

Perhaps one of the easiest way to incorporate your love of sports into your wedding is to use a favorite team’s colors as your wedding colors.  Alternatively, you can use colors associated with the sport itself.  Try shades of green, white and yellow together for tennis fans or greens and blues for baseball fans who want to capture the feel of the field.

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Cake Toppers

The wedding cake is a highly important symbol to the newlyweds. Cake toppers play a huge role, so why not get a sports inspired cake topper? You can. There are numerous different ideas for cake toppers you can choose from such as a golf ball, football, baseball, and even a hockey stick! You could even get a cake topper that resembles a sport that you and your significant other enjoy playing.

The Cake Itself

If you want to take the idea one step further, work with a baker to create a cake that celebrates your favorite team or sport.  While you can make your cake into your favorite sports ball, you could even make your cake into your favorite teams stadium! Whether you and your newlywed are football fans, golf fans, rugby fans, you name it and you can make it into something delicious. Your guests can appreciate the creativity and eat it too!  If you want a specialty cake like this, consider having this small cake made for pictures and the couple’s first bite but then get a sheet cake to feed everyone.  Keep the sheet cake in the kitchen and have it served after you and your partner cut the specialty cake together.

Cover the Spread

Tailor your menu to fit the sport.  There are plenty of food pairings that reflect a certain sport or home team.   From stadium favorites like hot dogs, popcorn and nachos to Baseball Steak Sliders.  The idea does lend itself more toward a fun and casual menu as well as inventive cocktails.  That doesn’t mean you can’t “class it up” a bit – discuss your ideas with your caterer or head over to Pinterest.  There are plenty of great ideas out there depending on how much you want to DIY or how flexible your catering team is willing to be!

Trophy Centerpiece

Thinking about what centerpiece you want for your special day? Go for a trophy! Trophies show off the love for sports you and your person share and create a unique look to your wedding. Centerpieces are usually meant to provide elegance and hold what it may be that you and your significant other choose, so why not get creative and use a trophy to hold those beautiful orchids or those sticks that give off a vintage look.

Guest Book

Let your creativity and love for sports shine with a unique guest book. Turn those old ski sets or even the hockey sticks you used as a kid into a guest book and allow your friends and family to sign them. This is a fun and different way to include your guests into the love you and your person share for sports.  Bowling fans break out those old school score sheets.  Your guest book will soon become a meaningful memory for the newlyweds to look back on for years to come.

Wedding Favors

If you decide to include wedding favors in your celebration, they present the perfect opportunity to include your love of sports.  Whether it’s personalized hockey pucks, baseballs or golf tees, it’s super simple to add little bits of sports memorabilia into your favors.   You can make little bags of small things or go high-end with engraved fencing sword envelope openers or SuperBowl ring inspired pendants for each guest.

Planning a wedding is all about finding ways to celebrate the love you share.  For many couples, that means including their favorite team or sport.  These are just some ideas we found – but there’s no limit to what you can do.  Get married in matching jerseys, have a Penalty Box for guests who drink too much punch or have your officiant dress up as the referee.   Remember that today is all about love – the love you share for each and the love you share with fellow fans.


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