Wedding Invitations Your Guests Will Love


Planning a gay wedding means making decisions on every detail from your clothes and ring sets all the way to the first impression guests get of your wedding – the wedding invitations.  Think picking out some cards will be the easiest decision you make for your wedding?  Think again.  There are so many new unique, trendy and quirky options that you can easily become a bit overwhelmed.  But all this choice means no matter what your style you can find something that’s a perfect fit.

Geeky Couples

Geekdom comes in many different forms these days.  From old school math and science nerds to modern day gamers and anime fanatics.  However your geekery manifests, let your freak flag fly by incorporating it into your wedding invitations.  There are options for 8-bit video game fans, Dr. Who devotees, computer coders and Harry Potter groupies.


For Those Who Value a Good Foundation

Everyone knows a marriage is only as strong as its foundation.  Whether you and your partner are into design or you simply want to acknowledge the relationship you’ve already built, blueprint invitations are a great option.  They’re stylish and have a classic look without looking dated.

Wordsmith Love

If you and your partner share a love of words, make that part of your wedding theme.  Literary based wedding themes can focus on a favorite book or simply on a love of words.  Invitations options for wordsmiths run the gamut from crosswords and word seek styles to typography, infographics and word clouds.

Simple Simons

Sometimes, the most powerful images come from the simplest forms of inspiration.  While some couples plump for wedding with plenty of bling, other craft an event that embraces the simple things.  If you’ve already chosen simple LGBT friendly matching bands for your wedding ring set, consider a invitation that shares those simple roots.  Invitations can elevate everything from dried flowers to a simple pencil and make them a keepsake for guests.

It’s Just Science

When two people see meant to be we call it chemistry, and for good reason.  There’s been plenty of research into the power of natural attractants such an pheromones.  If you and your partner think love is more than an emotional connection, celebrate that scientific approach to romance with invitations that are as clever as they are romantic.

Hopeless Romantics

Maybe you’re more of a traditional couple when it comes to weddings and romance.  Over the years, wedding invitations have become more diverse as couples have looked for ways to make their wedding unique.  But that doesn’t mean there’s no room for the traditional wedding invitation format.  Today, couples can stick with tradition and use invitation bundles that include invitations, maps, accommodation cards and other inserts.

When Fashionistas Unite

When two fashion forward people come together, they become a force to be reckoned with.  If your union represents a love of style as well as a love for each other, there are couture invitations that will definitely set you apart from the crowd.  Specialty invitations are noteworthy as they are created in small batches, are completely customizable and give couples the best chance to have a wedding invitation that is a reflection of their own unique tastes.