Wedding Rings for Two Grooms – Finding the Perfect Match in Gay Mens Wedding Rings

Photo Credit: WikiCommons
Photo Credit: WikiCommons

Let’s face it – gay mens wedding rings don’t get the same focus as those for women. Women’s rings are brighter and bigger, often being the focus of attention for friends and family. Maybe men in straight relationships don’t mind this or perhaps they’re just used to it, but when two men make the decision to walk down the aisle, each wants the other to have a ring that symbolizes their love, devotion and excitement. So let’s move beyond the simple band for a man and find out what advancements have been made when it comes to gay men’s wedding rings.

The Classic Touch

WeddingBandsThe iconic wedding bands (via Flickr)

Perhaps the most common – and popular – type of wedding ring is the classic band with some extra accent since both are men’s rings. Classic bands don’t have to be plain, though new techniques in their creation can transform even a seemingly simple band into a piece of artwork. Brushed and polished metals, gold or wooden inlays and textured finishes can all elevate a wedding band and create a look as unique and multi-faceted as your relationship while retaining a classic look.

Natural Style

WoodenRingEtsyGilleriJewel on Etsy

Smaller boutiques and jewelry artists craft amazing rings out of natural materials such as stone and wood. This look is popular with couples who have a strong love for nature such as campers, environmentalists and green advocates. Since these rings are typically made by smaller vendors and niche artists, it’s important to order the rings well ahead of time and to ask about your options should it prove to be the wrong size. Wooden rings cannot be resized, making this option earth friendly but occasionally problematic. These rings do tend to be less expensive than forged rings, so replacing them is a more realistic option.

Colorful Pride

Today, many couples choose to incorporate the rainbow theme or colors into their wedding ceremony as well as their cuff links or rings. In some cases, men choose to use the more colorful options for their engagement ring or for special cuff links for the ceremony but many do opt to include the theme as a part of their wedding rings. This pop of color is typically more subtle than it is on women’s rings, but the bright gemstones set against cool silver or warming gold creates an impact all its own.

MadridMadrid available through Equalli

Meeting of Two Minds … And Styles

Of course, there’s no rule that says wedding rings need to match. While it’s common for them to have a common theme such as the same types of metal or gemstones, for example, the rings themselves don’t need to be identical. Men often overlook this fact since we’ve all become fairly used to the one style fits all approach to men’s wedding bands.

Couples who want to show off their own individual style while still representing their union can easily choose wedding rings that compliment and contrast with one another just enough to keep things interesting. For men who like the idea of a pop of color in their sets, for example, one man can choose a ring that embodies both LGBT pride and iconic style – a full rainbow setting against silver or gold while the other offsets the color with the inclusion of a more masculine stone like an onyx.  Simply put, when you’re able to work with a company with a wide selection of wedding sets for gay men, you can create a ring set as unique as your love.

MensColorBandThe Barcelona from Equalli

Small changes like this give each partner the ability to tailor their look while still creating a unified look. Being able to keep some of your own style and incorporate that into your wedding bands is often the perfect solution couples need when they don’t see eye to eye on style.

Choosing wedding rings is a huge and sometimes difficult decision. Couples want something that embodies their personal style and celebrates their union. For a long time, men had little to choose from and just needed to answer one question – Silver or Gold? – in order to choose their rings. Today, fashion has expanded to give men just as much choice as women when it comes to selecting a ring that will symbolize more than just their union. It embodies the journey of two unique people who, when they stand together, create something larger, brighter and more powerful than the sum of its parts.

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