What to do When Your Honeymoon Includes Kids


Marriage is one of the greatest and happiest moments of someone’s life – and the honeymoon is something every couples looks forward to.  But what if your honeymoon includes kids?

Traditionally, a honeymoon is just for the happy couple, but that isn’t always the case anymore.  In some cases, it’s a choice parents make while, in others, it’s something they have to do out of necessity.  Whatever the catalyst, many couples now make their honeymoon into a small family vacation. It gives them a chance to celebrate the wedding and the beginning of their life as a family.

While honeymooning with the kids is great for family bonding, it can put a damper on the romantic side of things.  But if you’re planning a honeymoon that includes kids, fear not! Check out our list of kid-friendly destinations that can still offer plenty of opportunity for romance.

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The Beach

A trip to the beach offers the best of both worlds.  Sandy toes, margaritas, and working on that summer tan sound like a great way to relax.  At the same time, kids can look forward to sandcastles, splashing in the water and drawing in the wet sand.

Beaches are a great way for families to enjoy some fun in the sun and spend quality time together.  Spend some quality time building a sand castle or simply enjoying the sound of the waves crashing.

When planning a beach honeymoon, check out nearby beach houses.  You’ll be able to walk to the beach, have easy access to restaurants and shops all while skipping the tourist traffic.  Some beaches have cabins available or you can look online via Air B&B or VRBO for locals renting their own homes.

Take A Cruise

A cruise is a romantic and fun getaway, and a great way to include your kids in the special time. Cruises are equipped with the necessities for families to enjoy their time on their trip together – as well as time apart.

Pools and outdoor games on cruises tend to come in two sizes – regulation and family friendly.  Check out their events schedule to learn about story times, supervised pool time, treasure hunts and other activities that will get your family connected.

A majority of cruises have child care options during the day and in the evenings.  Speak with the facilities coordinator to find out what your options are. On board play areas and day care is increasingly common.  Many cruise lines also have staff who are able to offer in-room babysitting services for evening excursions.


Camping(via Unsplash)


Are you a family that loves the outdoors? If so, a camping honeymoon trip is the way to go!

Check out National Parks and campsites that offer electricity and water on the site.  You can really rough it with tent camping or check out RV Rentals. If you rent an RV, you can even plan a road trip to hit several parks and attractions along the way.

Whatever you decide, be sure to book your campsites and any equipment well in advance.  Popular areas can be booked solid for months in advance – especially during the warmer, summer months.

Camping trips are an adventurous way to spend your honeymoon as well as allow your kids to create a bond with nature and learn different ways to adapt to their surroundings when out in the woods.


Everyone knows that California is famous for Disneyland, but there is a wide variety of other attractions that will suit a family honeymoon. There are places such as Universal Studios, LegoLand Resort, and Hollywood!  Each of these theme parks offers some level of childcare, depending on where you stay.

California is also home to stunning National Parks and amazing natural attractions.  You can take your family from beaches in San Diego to the ski resorts of Mammoth Lake all in the same week!

Many couples bring their children on their honeymoon out of necessity, but that doesn’t mean they have to compromise when it comes to creating a honeymoon to remember.  There are plenty of options for resorts, trips and parks with childcare. Taking the time to explore those options and make the most of your resources will ensure your honeymoon can be a wonderful family memory.  A trip that celebrates your new life as a family while offering romantic moments for the two of you to celebrate as well.

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