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The ZURICH pendant elegantly holds 13 round-cut black spinel, each 1.8 mm in size. The 0.42 carats of gems are nested in a pave setting of a sterling silver band.

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Zurich, Switzerland is best known for its banks, watches and luxury. More than that, this country is known for perfection. This perfection is directly embodied by the workmanship of the Zurich at Night pendant. It's x-shaped and appears like two rings overlapping, one black and one white. Like two sides of every person, relationship or place. Its meaning can be interpreted in many ways, each wearer telling their own story. This mysterious masterpiece tells a tale beyond its appearance. The Zurich pendant holds 13 black spinels, each 1.8mm. They are round-cut and pave-set in one of the “rings”. The other is left bare. It exposes the magnificent Sterling Silver that has been recycled and is ethically sourced. This handmade piece can be made to order. This will take between 7 and 14 days. There is a total of 0.27 carats of spinel, which is a close cousin to sapphires in density and durability.
Spinel Details
  • Total No. of Spinel : 13
  • Weight: 0.42 Carats
  • Spinel Cut : Round
  • Spinel Grade : VS1-VS2
  • Setting Style: Pave

Metal Type: 925 Sterling Silver

Dimensions: 4.2mm width

Approx. Wt: 3 grams

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