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When you dedicate your business to creating the jewelry that celebrates a love story, you need to have passion for love and beauty in all its forms. Equalli does exactly that with our devotion to using the highest quality gemstones, the most amazing artisans and the best service to focus on the love stories of all couples with collections of gay & lesbian wedding and engagement rings, LGBT pride jewelry, rainbow jewelry and collections to commemorate every milestone.

Just as every moment is special, so is every customer. Our commitment to quality and excellence influences everything from the materials we use and the people we work with to the service we deliver. Each piece in our collection uses the highest quality gemstones and metal and is designed, created and crafted by the best and most talented artists. Our service to our customers is equally impressive. We offer free shipping for all orders over $500 USD, a lifetime warranty and a dedicated staff of customer service representatives ready to help our customers now and in the future.

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why equalli is different

So what makes the Equalli team stand out from the crowd? Simple, our devotion to the craft of jewelry making and our bond with the people we work with. Our business works so well because we've built a relationship of trust and respect with everyone we do business with.

This commitment begins with the extraction of our gemstones from mines across the world. By working with local teams we are not only able to treat the land with the respect and care it needs for sustainability, we're also able to work with local people who are able to develop skills and let their own talents shine through the creation of these amazing pieces.

By working in this way, we create jewelry in small batches so each one is given our single-minded attention to detail which is the basis for our lifetime guarantee. If a stone falls out at any point, a ring, pendant or earring can be returned to be fixed, reset and cleaned absolutely free of charge. We feel each piece should last a lifetime and so we make ourselves happily available in order to ensure that happens.

Additionally, we use only the highest quality materials including hypoallergenic metals and quality natural gemstones that are certified by a gemologist. We also enclose a certificate of authenticity comes with every order along with our own guarantee on workmanship.

Finally there's our chosen focus - on the equality of love. At Equalli we firmly believe that the principles of our business isn't limited to ethically sourcing gemstones or in our dealings with our associates. It extends to embracing the LGBT community and its allies - something we've been doing since the beginning. This commitment embodies our philosophy that human rights isn't some angle or political statement. Instead, it's simply about treating everyone equally - with care, mindfulness and respect.


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While we specialize in gay & lesbian wedding and engagement rings, our collections embody so much more. In fact, we pride ourselves on offering rings, earring, pendant, cufflinks and other pieces that fit in with every milestone of your life.

We use rainbow sapphire and gemstones to create everything from lesbian wedding rings and LGBT pride jewelry to stackable fashion rings and pieces that can be given to commemorate graduations, promotions, retirements and any other significant moment.

In addition to our rainbow jewelry, we also offer pieces with a more subdued look. With darker and single colored gemstones we create pendants, rings and pieces that compliment any look. These collections are a stunning addition to our more colorful options and can be worn individually or paired with one of our brighter pieces since our entire collection is designed to complement every piece we offer.

When Trent Andersen chose to create a company that embraces quality, sustainability and beauty he had no idea how relevant those principles would become. It's been over a decade since he took that leap and today Equalli's commitment to those principles have made us a leader in gay wedding rings, LGBT pride jewelry and sustainability for our mines and workers. That commitment and dedication shines through in every piece of jewelry we offer, making each one as bright and beautiful as your love. We welcome the opportunity to be a part of the love story for so many couples and to become the jeweler of choice for those who have that same dedication and passion.

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