Craft Day! 27 Gay Crafts That Celebrate LGBT Culture and History


Looking for a way to have fun with your friends and show off some LGBT pride?  You’re in luck – we’ve rounded up 27 fun crafts for you and the squad to do together.  Crafting gets everyone focused on something other than their phones while bringing you closer together and stimulating your brain with some much needed creativity.

You know what the best thing is about Art & Crafts time?  You can do it anytime and just about anywhere.  As long as you have your supplies with you, you and your friends can get your craft on while binging on the latest series, people watching at the coffee shop or just hanging around doing nothing.  Whether you keep your own craft or swap with your friends, you’ll each leave with a keepsake to remember an afternoon spent getting creative with your besties.


1.  Rainbow Phone Case

The best crafts are ones that let you get creative while creating something that’s actually handy in your daily life.  This cute rainbow colored phone case does the trick well and it’s easy to do.  You can use different kinds of buttons or even swap some out for textured or specialty buttons to make it even more dynamic.  Get the full directions over at Living Well Spending Less.



2.  Perler Bead Rainbow Earrings

Perler beads are fun to work with and making jewelry with them is an easy and frugal craft.  You can pick up earring posts, necklace material and clasps for a few bucks and with a little imagination, you can create some amazing pieces.  Perler beads are simple and straightforward in terms of crafting – just arrange, iron and cool – but the options are endless.   For those who love the look but don’t have the patience for perler beads, check out the offerings from LGBT friendly shops over on etsy.




3.  Rainbow Tie-Dye

What’s more colorful than tie-dye?  Celebrate your rainbow world by getting covered in color.  Grab some white shirts, some dye, a few buckets and some friends and spend your day creating wearable art.  Tie-Dye crafts are best done outside so it makes the perfect excuse to have a tie-dye cookout.  Get some help and tips from the experts over at DIY 4 Tie-Dye.




4.  Paint Your Own Jacket, Shoes, Shirts and Anything Else

Painting clothes is an easy way to show off your pride any time of the year.  Paint a Rainbow Flag on the back of your jacket, cover your jeans with pink triangles and decorate your favorite sneakers with rainbow hearts.  Grab your markers, paint or other art supplies and get to work.  Here are a few tips to make the job easier and the colors pop:

  • Lay down a layer of white paint to act as a canvas on your clothes before you start. This will help make sure your colors really pop, especially if you are painting on blue or black denim.
  • Fabric color and markers will work best but they can get expensive. If you want to save a few bucks, go with acrylic paint and permanent markers.
  • Place a sheet of plastic under whatever you’re painting to prevent paint from seeping through to the other side of the clothing or onto the table.
  • Sketch your design out in pencil before you start painting or using markers. It’s easy to erase pencil marks (even on fabric) but trying to correct something after you’ve started with your permanent color is much more difficult.
  • Tape off any parts of the clothing or shoes that you don’t want painted.  You can tape off lines to make the lines on your Rainbow Flag extra crisp or to create perfect triangles.
  • Once you’re done, cover your LGBT masterpiece with a layer of clear paint.  Choose a clear top coat formulated for whatever fabric you’re using.
  • The first time you wash your painted clothes, turn them inside out and wash them on the gentle cycle. Tumble dry on low and, if possible, let them line dry.  This will keep the paint from bleeding onto other clothes and the extra care will keep the colors bright.



5.  Friendship Bracelets

Channel your inner teenage girl persona and go nuts buying embroidery thread at your local craft shop.  There are different styles to choose from and you can mix and match to create stacked rainbows or other designs that celebrate the LGBT community and its history.  Check out this handy video tutorial over on YouTube.




6.  Thumbprint Tree

This is an idea we often see as an idea for wedding reception guestbooks or baby shower ideas, but it’s also a great group craft.  Draw or paint a simple tree outline and then have your friends add the colorful leaves with their thumbprints.  This can be done on canvas, wood, glass and even fabric.



7.  3D Wall Art

Most of us are familiar with wall decals, but how about some 3D wall art?  Get a template for butterflies, flowers or anything else and create a dynamic piece of art as big as your wall.  There are several different printables and tutorials online that can walk you through everything from creating butterflies to UFOs.




8.  String Art

String art is super versatile and surprisingly easy to do.  These pieces require a fair amount of attention to detail and planning but once they’re done, they are impressive pieces.  Create something fun like a rainbow heart or a more serious interpretation of the pink triangle flag.  Get the lowdown on how it’s done from the craft crew at Sugarbee Crafts and Honey & Fitz.

9.  The Obligatory Mason Jar Project

Because no craft list is complete without mason jars these days.  Joking aside, there are some super cute mason jar ideas for people who want to show off their love of all things rainbow.  From chandeliers and votives to coordinated storage and even science experiments, there are plenty of ideas on Pinterest if you want to couple your mason jar love with LGBT pride.




10.  Washi Tape Painting

Tape off some random lines or a pattern with washi tape, then paint over your canvas.  Once the paint has dried, remove the tape to reveal a unique piece of art.  Great idea for a kid-friendly project as well.  Get directions and tips over at Nurture Store.

11.  Triple Word Score for Love

Scrabble lovers will be especially excited about this project.  Pick up small cardboard canvases or repurpose an old frame and create a simple shadow box for this one.  Get some colorful buttons to create a simple rainbow and then spell out ‘Love’ or your names underneath.




12.  Rainbow Clothespin Wreath

This is a great idea for home décor that fits in perfectly in both Spring and Autumn.  Head to the craft store and pick up a 20 inch wire wreath frame along with wooden clothespins.  You can buy colored clothespins or color them with paint, markers or anything else.  Then simply clip the pins into place.  You can secure them with hot glue along the frame for added sturdiness.  If you plan to hang it outside, be sure to protect it with an outdoor water-repellent top coat.



13.  DIY Rainbow Flag Bracelets

These bracelets are simple enough to make and the colors can be swapped out to represent any flag you’d like within the LGBT universe.  Check out clear, step by step directions along with amazing photos over at Consumer Crafts.



14.  Rainbow Pride Angel Wings (Gayngel Wings?)

Strut your stuff in style with these eye-catching rainbow angel wings.  There’s no sewing required and they’re built on the framework of simple dollar store style fairy wings.  That makes for an easy and inexpensive project that ends up looking like a million bucks.  Bling it out by adding gemstones, beads and anything else that helps you express yourself.  Get the details over at Bunny Baubles.



15.   Sequined Rainbow Hair Clip

This project is perfect for adults and kids, making it a great family friendly project.  You can pick up different colored sequins and mix up the patterns and shapes to add a unique touch.  Get the full directions here.



16.  Rainbow Safety Pin

These pins are easy peasy to make and they couple LGBT pride alongside the safety pin movement.  Advocate as a proud member of the LGBT community or as an ally by threading brightly colored beads onto the straight pin side of a safety pin.  Close the clasp and you’re done.  If you’d rather order from a small shop, check out the options on etsy.



17.  Balloon Wreath

If you’re anything like me, you always have a mess of balloons stashed around the house.  Out them to good use and clear out your junk drawers at the same time by gathering them into a super cute rainbow wreath.  Find step by step directions over at Hoosier Homemade.



18.  Pink Triangle Crocheted Bowl

This amazing patterned bowl is part of a series provided by JaKiGu to help teach people to crochet and provide free patterns.  This simple pink triangle design makes for a wonderful geometric design and also fits perfectly for people who want to celebrate their LGBT culture and history.  Get the free pattern – and plenty of tips and support – over at JaKiGu.


19.  Love is Love Rainbow Heart Transparencies

It doesn’t take much time to create these cute little hearts but, once they’re done, they can transform a room.  Make several and hang them in a window that gets a lot of sun.  The transparencies will filter the light, creating a room filled with rainbow love.  Head over to Twig & Toadstool for full directions.



20.  Pop-Up Heart Card

Is there anything better than checking the mail and finding something that isn’t a bill or junk mail?  Getting a card is great enough, but it’s even better when that card is hand made.  So have fun and make someone’s day at the same time by crafting this super cute pop-up rainbow heart card from Jennifer Maker.



21.  Pinwheel Wreath

Choose the colors of your preferred LGBT flag and create a dazzling pinwheel wreath.  I suspect a clever engineering type could figure out a way to arrange the pinwheels so that they can move while in the wreath.  If you have any luck, let us know!  Get started over at Hoosier Handmade.


22.  Prideful Cross-Stitch

Fun fact: Cross stitch isn’t just for stiff-shirt types who want to embroider in their parlor.  New artists behind projects like Subversive Cross-Stitch and Edgy Embroidery have breathed new life into the art form.  Find a pattern you love or make up your own.  It’s a simple enough art form to learn and, over time, you’ll be creating amazing, unique pieces that celebrate everything about you.


23.  Rainbow Cup Cozy

Whether you have a tried and true reusable coffee cup or you dip in for a cup of your favorite chain, this rainbow cup cozy can make the morning cup a bit …. Well, cozier.  Find out how to make it with the pattern kindly provided by Wink.



24.  Rainbow Wooden Clock

The creators over at Happiness is Homemade created this clock from a plant stand.  Their tutorial offers help for people who want to make it from reclaimed material as well as those who want to buy something at the craft store.  The end result is a brilliantly colored clock that can even be used outdoors.


(Pic by Irishscott at Flickr)

25.  Melted Crayon Art

If you haven’t already tried melted crayon, then what are you waiting for?  You can use any kind of crayons and you just need a good hair dryer to make some amazing pieces of art.  Learn some tips and tricks for holding the crayons down and directing the melt over at Mr. Kate.



26.  Rainbow Glitter Vase

Do you even need any more convincing other than knowing there are rainbows and glitter involved?  This is the perfect craft for right before Pride Parades since you’ll likely end up covered in glitter no matter how careful you are.  Check out the full instructions at Honey Bear Lane.



27.  Shaving Cream Art

Take advantage of a beautiful day and have So Much Fun with shaving cream art.   To be honest, shaving cream art is a lot like life – it’s messy, silly and creates something beautiful.  Definitely a craft best done outside and with lots of friends.  Get directions and some tips over at Hello, Wonderful.