Getting Ready for Pride: Clever Ways to Celebrate Pride This Summer

Auckland Pride Parade

This summer, Pride celebrations from San Francisco to New York and every city in between is bound to be off the charts. Thanks to a number of court rulings and a surge in marriage equality acceptance, the LGBT community has more to celebrate than ever before. So get ahead of the game and start on some nifty craft, decoration and cook-out ideas to celebrate with your friends and family.

1. Rainbow Fruit Kabobs

These are the perfect solution for people who want to celebrate pride at their cookout as they are easy to make and easy to take to someone’s house. Best of all, they’re indulgent and still healthy so they can please absolutely everyone. Swap out different fruits for your favorites and just make sure every color is there!

Fruit Kabobs

Get the details on these kabobs over here.

2. Healthy Rainbow Veg Skewers

It’s pretty easy to rainbow up a dessert but making healthy options can be a little trickier. These vegetable kabobs are the perfect balance – sweet and savory vegetables arranged by color and grilled over an open fire (okay, the backyard grill) are the perfect healthy alternative for guests who may have gone a little overboard with more sugary options.

Rainbow Veggie Skewers

Learn how to make these healthy and beautiful kabobs over at Gimmie Some Oven.

3. Pride Bottle Necklaces

Bottle necklaces are such a cute idea and there are plenty of crafters selling different versions on Etsy, ebay and any local crafting stores or fairs you have going on. They’re also not that difficult to make so you could easily spend a weekend making a few with friends and then giving them to guests or having a matching necklace for you and your crew.

Pride Bottle Necklace

You can buy this one over at Bottled Up Creations.

4. Rainbow YUM!

I’m a huge fan of bringing back the Hostess Gift tradition. When someone invites me over for a cookout or party, you can bet I’ll be bringing a little something by way of thanks. Gifts like this Rainbow in a Jar are the ideal Hostess Gift for when you’re off to a Pride Cookout or just something to give to friends …. Or yourself. You know, it’s important to be good to YOU, too.

Rainbow Yum in a Jar

Learn more over here.

5. Rainbow Candles

For those of you who are into candle making, try out these rainbow candles that will add pop to your home throughout Pride weekend and beyond. You can make them in just about anything and finally find a use for those oddly shaped jars and vases you have tucked away in the corner cabinet collecting dust (I’m not the only one with that collection, right??)

Rainbow Candles

Learn how to make them over at Betwixt & Between.

6. Rainbow Fan

This is probably one of the easiest things you can do but it also makes a big impact. Take the cover off your plain white fans (you should be doing that to clean those suckers regularly, anyway) and color each blade a different color of the rainbow. Turn it on and – voila! – spinning rainbow!

Rainbow Fan

Credit goes to the good peeps over at the Creative Ideas Facebook page.

7. Rainbow Jello Shots

If you’re including some adult beverages in your Pride cookout, seriously think about making some rainbow Jello Shots. They take some time and patience to make but they’re a sure crowd pleaser. Better yet, put a twist on the shot glass approach and use orange slices instead. Just don’t forget to make some non-alcoholic shots for friends or family who don’t drink.

Rainbow Jello Shots

Photo from, and snag the full step-by-step recipe here.

8. Over the Cupcake

If you’re one of those Cake Boss / Master Chef types, then tackle these uber-cute rainbow cupcakes. They seem a bit complicated for me and I’m sure any attempt I made would end up on Pinterest Fail, but they’re the perfect dessert offering for anyone with some bakery talent.

Rainbow Cupcakes

Get the recipe and directions over here.

9. So. Much. Rainbow. Food.

You can turn just about anything into a rainbow food with enough creativity and food coloring. Check out just a few of the ideas over at Cute Food for Kids with their impressive list of rainbow cakes, cookies and candies as well as burgers and spaghetti.

Rainbow Food

Get the full details over here.

10. Sort Those Eyebrows!

Rainbow eyebrows look pretty amazing and are well worth the effort. Don’t want to mess with your brows? Try out this tutorial on rainbow inspired eye shadow instead. Either way, when you bat your eyes at someone at the party, they’ll definitely notice.

Rainbow Eyebrows

Change your brows with help from Scarlet Hallow.

11. Permanent Pride, Temporary Tattoos

Break out the watercolor crayons or, for more daring types, markers and give friends temporary pride inspired tattoos. You can let people do their own or set up an area where resident artists go to town on your guests

Temporary Tattoo

Another great idea from the viral leaders over at Buzzfeed.

12. Lego Pride

Who doesn’t love Legos? Turn those pieces you keep stepping on into a work of wearable art. If creating jewelry really isn’t your thing, you can also take your pick from a dozen or so different craftspeople over on Etsy.

Lego Pride

Don’t want to make one yourself, snag one from an Etsy dealer.