EQUALLI Stack Collection




  • 100% NATURAL

The Equalli team has always embraced pride and diversity, characteristics we see as important not only to what we offer but to the people we serve. We also strive to offer collections that run the gamut from high-end luxury to every day casual wear without compromising on beauty of quality. That’s where our Stack Collection comes into play.

The Equalli Stack Collection features rings and earrings that can be worn singly or in sets to create the color and vibrancy you want on any given day. Both the stack rings and earrings come in every color of the rainbow – red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, white, and black. So you can combine colors to be another piece on your pride jewelry collection or to create the colors of your favorite sports team, hometown school colors or just about anything else.

Our rainbow rings are perfect for the gay / lesbian community as well as LGBT allies who want to show their pride and support in a fun and fashionable way. The rings can be worn as a full stack or parceled out into smaller sets. The stack rings are sold in sets of three with colors of your choosing, so you can build your collection over time or jump all in and get the full nine stack ring set. The same goes for our earrings which are sold as individual sets but can easily be used to create the full spectrum for those who have multiple piercings.

While our rainbow rings and earrings in the Stack Collection are economical, that doesn’t mean we’ve skimped or cut corners when it comes to quality. These rainbow gemstones are responsibly and sustainably sourced, cut, polished and set by artists in the field and the examined by independent, third-party experts to ensure their quality. Each ring and earring is also covered by our comprehensive lifetime guarantee when it comes to our materials and workmanship. Should anything ever go wrong with a piece from our Stack Collection, simply return it so our team can examine, repair, clean and polish the piece before sending it back completely free of charge. This collection may for causal use, but the commitment to quality is anything but.

When it comes to pride jewelry, versatility is a key component. Our stack ring and earring collection embraces both so that users can mix, match and stack the pieces to create a fun and casual look or use them to create a high-end fashionable collection for any occasion. The gay / lesbian community along with their LGBT allies can easily find options in the Stack Collection that will complement their other pieces as well as showing off their pride, support and acceptance for people no matter how they identify.