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Sometimes you need to splash out and splurge and the Equalli Special Collection understands that doesn’t mean sacrificing quality for looks. Our Special Collection brings together truly the best of the best in terms of gemstone brilliance, artistic quality and overall beauty. This collection features the highest-end jewelry Equalli offers, including tanzanite, emerald, diamond, tsavorite green garnet and sapphire options with settings that enhance the gemstone’s natural beauty.

Pieces of this caliber are among the best any company could hope to offer and the Equalli team is especially proud of the diamond and emerald necklace, bracelet, and earring set options that call our Special Collection home.

Our Special Collection contains our top of the line fine jewelry, crafted to be the crowning pieces in any collection. This collection of sapphire, diamond and emerald jewelry contains gemstones of the richest clarity in exquisite, luxurious settings designed to complement the stones without taking away from their natural and stunning beauty.

While each piece is unique, we’ve focused on using the perfect gemstones as a part of the collection. This includes

  • Tanzanite – The birthstone of December, this gemstone isn’t often found naturally. We’ve sourced ours and include it in our Special Collection for people who want something as rare as it is beautiful.

  • Emerald – Emeralds are a favorite for many. They require special handling by our artists as they aren’t known for being especially resilient. The brilliance they lend to a piece, however, make them one of the most popular gemstones in the world.

  • Diamond – Marilyn Monroe called them a girl’s best friend and she wasn’t far off! While other gemstones are now seen to be just as beautiful as diamonds, they remain a classic and perennial favorite on their own or as part of a setting to complement more colorful stones.

  • Tsavorite Green Garnet – In the world of gemstones, Tsavorite Garnets are considered somewhat young. First discovered in the 1960s, these gems aren’t as well-known, but their brilliance has helped them become a favorite.

  • Sapphire – Of course, no Equalli collection would be complete without the inclusion of our own signature rainbow sapphires. Our sapphires remain a cornerstone of our collections and our artists have created several options that include them alongside our other gemstones.

The sapphire, diamond and emerald necklace, bracelet, and earring sets we offer through our Special Collection are the very best we have to offer. As such, each piece is made to order, giving our clients the opportunity to customize their options and be assured that their piece of jewelry will be created with them in mind. Each piece is examined by an independent gemstone expert and packaged with their own third-party certificate of authenticity. We understand what kind of investment this can be and every piece in our Special Collection comes with our comprehensive lifetime guarantee that covers materials and workmanship.

The Special Collection at Equalli is about more than just the finest gemstones and jewelry though – it’s about a collection that becomes a part of your life story. These pieces are designed to tell the story of your milestones – from weddings and anniversaries to graduations and achieving the goals that change a life forever. This collection celebrates everything about you – every moment that’s led to this moment as well as the promise of good things to come.